Happy Birthday

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N/A: I know it's not Russia's birthday but hey why not do a chapter on it anyway... I don't own the song at all so.. Remember those things dancers have that play the muisc that they wear on their waist my OC Siberia&Alaska are using their Russian accents... My friends OC is Moscow so ya it's her adult version

Germany: vell anyone got idea's to stop global warming?

Greenland+Slovakia: *really bored* *flicking paper balls at America's head*

Russia: Da *stands up* I propose we- *looks at door*

Antarctica: *brings in cqke* PARTY TIMW

Siberia+Alaska+Moscow+Canada: *come in the meeting room holding different russiAn Deserts

Andorra: vhat in zhe hell Russia did jou plan zhis?

Russia: no *staring at Siberia* ^\\\\^ it's my birthday

America: *staring at Alaska**whispering* jeus Christ why does Alaska always do this slit

England: what the bloody hell?! *stands up* *looks at Siberia+Alaska+Moscow+Canada in a totally fluster*

France: Angleterre SO MUCH F-ING CAKE

England: *sighs* *sits down* what then?

France: oh you'll see

Antarctica: *presses active to play instrumental* PARTY TIME BIOTHES

Alaska: *singing* HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYY BIRTHDAY*points to Canada*

Canada: *magically appears behind Russia* TOOOOOO YOU

America: *clings to England* it's a birthday ghost

Siberia: *snging* DEAR RUSSIA

Moscow: *air guiter*

Alaska: *starts dancing to dubstep*

Siberia: *backflips on the table* *cartwheels over to Germany* *bends down and gets in Germany's face* f*cking dance right now or, i murder you


*after that everyone partied and got wasted*

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