What Scotland calls the Allies and Axis

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A/N: um what side is Hungary on? Cuz for right now I'm guessing axis and OC I added


Antarctica: could you take attendants Scottie

Scotland: ok *takes notepad and pen*



Italy = pasta eating wee sh*t

Germany = Wee sh*t who holds his drink

Japan = auld(old) wee sh*t who live on islands

Sardinia = wee sh*t with a pistol

Prussia = Annoying As f*ck

Hungary = ye don't f*ck with her

Slovakia = Anither you don't f*ck with



France = Auld sh*tty friend

China = Auld man sh*t

England = sh*tty wee brither

Russia = pass the vodka ye sh*t

Canada = wee Matty!

America = shut up ye wee sh*t

Grenada = ye belongs to sh*tty brither

Comoros = ye quiet

Haiti(belongs to Hetalia_Romano17) = ye bloody pervert

Siberia = pass ye rolling pin

Alaska = wee Matty's girlfriend

Antarctcia = god damn awesome


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