OC Slovakia

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About Slovakia

Human name: Justína Murgaš

Capital: Bratislava

Age: 19

Height: 5' 3"

Weight: 81 pounds

Gender: female

Birthday: October 28th{wedding day}

Language: Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian(only understands hi or hello)

Crush: Romania

Weapon: text or message me what is should be

Appearance: Slovakia has deep blue eye and long somewhat wavy brown hair(two curls). Her most common outfit, seen mostly wore to meeting and official descriptions(a.k.a my book) is a blue militia uniform.
In the actual series(my book), she usualy can be seen dressed in traditional Slovakian folk dresses(militia mediun heel boots with laces cuz yeah they're cool)
Depending on the time period, she's seen in the past wearing medieval armor, boy clothes(crossed dressed as a boy though she already knew she was a girl), and a variant of Czech's military uniform(Czechoslovakia period).

Personality: tomboy, reliable, courageous{worries Czech{boy} alot), stubborn, brash, intelligence

Friends: Siberia, Alaska, Antarctica, Romano, Barbados, Prussia(fun to train with), Russia(not scary), Hungary, Romania(crush), Denmark(Kinda), Greenland(fun), Bulgaria, Switzerland, Austria(needs compass), Germany(fun embarrassing), Japan, China, Malaysia(kicks ass), Lithuania, Latvia Estonia, Andorra, Russia(harmless), Canada, England(kinda), Ukraine(another sister to me)

Dislikes: France, Turkey, America(annoying as fvck), Cuba(d*ck for brains), Greece(fights with dance ok then), Belarus(kicked her ass), JB(Justin Bieber)


Ciela: Yup finished

Slovakia: yup *hugs Hungary* she's my yaoi sempia :D

Ciela: Hungary looked up your description on a hetalia site and it said you're big breasted

Hungary: shaddup

Slovakia: *looks down shirt* I'm just the right size :D unlike sis who has almost Ukrainian tits

Hungary: *looks down shirt* they're not that big

-insert France laugh here-

Slovakia: also readers Ukraine isn't related to me by blood just she's super nice to me also Greenland

-insert France laugh here-

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