Hetalian trolling

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N/A: my friend showed me this makememad35 and I think one of his video are funny as hell so here's my favorite video cussing madman Hetalia style

Admin: first up is Romano public trolling in Walmart seeing he doesn't mind cussing

-aisle 1-

Romano: *looking at pasta pan* pregnant *throw pan up* Alien *tries to catch, but fails* babies!! *pan hits bick sit knocking it over*

Walmart shopper: 0-o

Romano: ita make a good sit warmer *runs away*

-aisle 2-

China: *looking at Ramon noodles* Pregnant Alia... oh oh *flings noodles up* Aru Aru *catchs* chicken flavor aru~

Walmart shopper: *laughing*

China: it's, ah... chicken flavor Aru *puts it back hesitantly* ya chicken

~Aisle 3~

Japan: *staring at games* PTERODACTYL *kicks ledge* SHIT!!! *looks at two people passing by*

Walmart shopper1+Walmart shopper2: 0.=

Japan: *scampers away* dinosaurs

Walmart shopper: what?

-Aisle 4-

America: *looking at movies* Oscar *darts down* The Grouch *falls* Is A *knocks movie down* Fucking Asshole!!

Old woman Walmart shopper: 😧

America: *leaves movie* t-the man for Sesame Street is big, green and scary *scrambles to feet, walks away*

-Aisle 5-

England: *grabs soda* Mystical *shakes soda* Unicorn Cum!! *wakes away*

Walmart shopper: what the hell?

-Aisle 6-

Germany: *leaning against paper towels* My Grandpa *walks forward* shaves my TESTICLES *walks in the middle of the aisle*

Walmart shopper: 0_0

Walmart shopper 2:....

Germany: *crawls through papertowels*

-Aisle 7-

Denmark: *stops leaning against waterbottles* There's a village inside My ANUS

Walmart shoppers: 😳

Denmark: *runs to waterbottles* and there are creepy people *runs down the aisle*

Walmart shoppers: *waking away shocked*

~Aisle 8~

Scotland: Mystical unicorn cum all over my face *darted away*

Walmart shopper: boy has some problem *shaking head sideways*

~Aisle 9~

Prussia: aristocrat SANDWICH *crushes sandwich*

Walmart shopper: *to shocked to speak*

Prussia: that's crusade now *walks away like nothing happened*

Walmart shopper: *spinning around confused*

~Aisle 10~

Estonia: DOUCHEBAG SANDWICH *throws box up, but hits shoppers leg* jeus Christ

Walmart shopper: *acting like nothing happened*

Estonia: *walks off*

~Aisle 11~

Greece: *cradling cat food cans* Big Fat *drops cans* JAPANESE PUSSY!!! *steps back* no no no *picks up and walks away* nenenenenene pussy

Walmart shopper: *picks up can*

Other Walmart shoppers: *ignoring him*

~Aisle 12~

France: Pedophile pizza *throws up pizza*

Shopper: 😳

France: *runs away* it's a great tasting pizza

~Aisle 13~

Sweden: FUCKING WAPE MY ASS WITH HATE!!!!!!!! *ducks into a trashcan*

Walmart shoppers: 😳

~Aisle 14~

Poland: MORNING GRILLED CHEESE *borrows head into the shirt rack* SMELLS LIKE VAGINA!!

Shoppers: ?

Poland: Like, totally, morning grilled cheese smells like vagina *swag walks away*

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