Whats that

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Note: I got this idea from What's that by sexy feet cosplay

So ya am putting it in! cuz ya it was pretty funny when I saw it


Hungary: *eats scrambled eggs*

Prussia: what's that? *peaking around the corner holding Gilbird*

Hungary: breakfast 0_0

Prussia: and what is breakfast

Hungary: *looks at Prussia* j-j-just some scrambled eggs

Prussia: *looks at Hungary dramatically then covers Gilbird and runs away* MURDER!!!!

Hungary: 0_o *pokes eggs a little*

Prussia: *still running around screaming* MURDER!!

Hungary: *sighs and pushes plat away* am not really h-hungry anymore

Prussia: *screams from a crossed the hall* MURDER!!!!

~~~~Much later~~~~

Hungary: *pulls chair out with chicken on the table then looks around then begins cutting chicken*

Prussia: *starts getting up from the table and looks at the chicken* what's that?

Hungary: *sighs* some ah chicken

Prussia: ;_; *looks at chicken dramatically and starts acting drama* nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Hungary: *puts fork and knife down then pushes chicken away*

Prussia: *act dramatic* noooooooooo

~~~~much much later~~~~

Hungary: *sitting and drinking water*

Prussia: *walks up to Hungary* what is that?

Hungary: *puts water down* this is Gilbert is the finest des-tilled chicken blood mixed with a thousand chick tears of them screaming in pain and there baby CHICKS WATCHING!!!!

Prussia: *passes out*

Hungary: *shakes head yes and drinks it* this is good :)

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