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Admin: am i the only Hetalian who's wondering what the nations weight is? Cuz people America, Italy I think they're 300 to 400 something. If anyone wants to guess in the comments go ahead cuz I'm curious about what you awesome readers can come up with.

America: hey!

Italy: is there-a anywhere to-a take a crap-a

Japan: ok rearry America-san she does have-

Admin: Japan you eat salted fish so nobody got time for that

England: that's why you shouldn't eat-..

Admin: b*tch please you eat burn scones so don't go getting up in everybody's grill like you Poland cuz you're not

France: honhonhon~~ She told you

Admin: France you're known for wine and cheese

China: haha you such an ass

Admin: China you don't even work out so shut it

Germany: e.e

Admin: Germany I've nothing for you

Russia: vodka

Admi : I also have nothing for you Russia

Prussia: ze avsome is so buff

Admin: Prussia everyone knows just cuz you look like someone who can kick a$$ but, you really cant

Prussia: damn jou

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