History fact{crack style}

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America: hey England Austria

England: what?

Austria: ?

America: did you know that Adolf Hitler & Napoleon Bonaparte only had 1 sack?

England: Romano_Hetalia17 told Ciela then Ciela told you

America: maybe that's why they started the war cuz he all like "damn how do I prove my manly hood if I can't even please a woman"

Austria: and why he lost to Russia

England: Napoleon was forever a scone... Alongside Hitler

America: Adolf hitler was alone cuz no one loved him not even his own people... Probably if they switched places they would still be pricks

Austria: once a prick always a prick

England: every time they would get a woman she'd be all like "um.. I'm just gonna go you're not truly a man"

America: even the sex was half ass

Austria: probably felt un-even down there if he got a boner

England: he couldn't strip either

America: Adolf hitler was like "fvck this shit if I start war everyone how will they fear the power of my one sack" but in the end no one loved the scone

Austria: Maybe Germany only has one ball that would explain why Florida said it was so big that her vagina hurt so much after the 3 some

America: Napoleon conquered cuz he was making up for his small d*ck and failing at pleasing a woman

England: that's why Adolf hitler had no relatives cuz nobody wanted half a man

America: hope we didn't offend their spirits

England: probably did but who fricking gives a crap

France: non it vasnt small

Barbados: how'd you know?

France: cuz

England: cuz why?

France: I'm the country

Austria: oh I though you fvcked him or some shiz like that

America: *has bat* COME TO ME SPIRITS!!!!!!!

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