Doctor Who

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England: *comes Crashing through window in the Tardis* hello my dear

Seychelles: *pops out* doctor where are we?!?!?

Comoros: o_o *only wearing pjs*

Seychelles: oh sorry about him it's normal

Comoros: no it's fudging NORMAL

England: *scanning room with sonic screwdriver* hmm *stares at Comoros* do you have any fish and dip?

Comoros: no

England: you're French aren't you?

Comoros: *eye twitch* WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU

England: I'm the doctor

Seychelles: he's the doctor

Comoros: e.e

England: *runs to kitchen*

Seychelles: hey wait up *runs after him*

Comoros: *gets up and dressed*

England: *tearing up Comoros kitchen* WHERES THE FOOD I'M HUNGRY

Comoros: in the fridge where else

England: that's not what I meant *starts cooking scones*

Seychelles: non non non non non

Comoros: *smells something burning* what the heck? *bolts to kitchen* WHAT..... NON MY WINE

*kitchen up Ina blaze of smoke*


Seychelles: nunu he did it

England: *uses sonic screwdriver to turn off stove* sorry about that love

Dalek!America: EXTERMINATE *starts shooting* HERO MUST EXTERMINATE!!!!

Comoros: *does a spin kick on Dalek* OWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWOW *holding foot and jumping* WHAT THE HELL

England: YOU CAN FIGHT THEM LATER *throws Comoros over shoulder* *Points Sonic screwdriver at microwave and it explosions with sparks flying*

Seychelles: *hops in tardis* DOCTOR THEY'RE COMING

Comoros: WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS AND really bowtie

England: I just saved your life also bow ties are cool *fixes bow tie*... What's your name anyway?

Comoros: Comoros

Seychelles: well welcome to are new adventure :D

Comoros: I never said I'm staying so take me HOME RIGHT NOW

England: sorry can't do that the daleks are still there

Comoros: *flips off England*

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