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America: ok so bro's i've given up on Alaska cuz, yeah dating my brother and all. Now seeing me and Iran have a looooooooooooooooooooong history and we use to be friends ^_^ gonna see if we can become closer and stuff like, hangout like we use to before my country invaded her so yup

Iran: *throws a book at America* NEVER YOU BETRAYED ME AND MY PEOPLE

America: oh come on seriously! Dudette remember i stole your first kiss *heroic thumbs up*

Iran: *blushing, arms folded* hmf, retard

Admin: i thought Ancient Rome did?

Iraq: never would I allow my sis to kiss a Roman! But, if it was a american than maybe

(Friends Oc)Saudi Arabia: >:3 AWWWWW YEAH MISTOE WORKED *starts doing a horrible version of AmeRan theme song*

Turkey: *pulls Saudi Arabia out of the sence*

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