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N/A: welcome to the 2p!Gakuen Academy and for they're first appearance's 2p!Alaska(human name Bella Frost) 2p!Siberia(human name: Nicole Frost) and 2p!Antarctica(human name: Antarctic Frost) also2p!Canada is dating 2p!Alaska. So boredom has struck and this is what the 2p!'s do to pass there time in class

2p!America and 2p!Russia in the front of thee room
2p!Canada and 2p!Alaska sit in the back of thee room

~During class~

In Front of the room

2p!Russia: *watching* Da so cute *holding a back pissed, jealous 2p!America*

2p!America: *watching Angrily* LET ME GO COMME DICKSHIT! *struggling* AM GOING TO KILL THAT BASTARD (cuz 2p!Canada tricked 2p!America into eating meat)

2p!England: *holding swear jar* 2p!America your just mad that you couldn't win her... so money please 😊

2p!America: NO HE TRICK ME *totally failing at hiding jealously*

2p!Russia: 😏 ah~ the wonders of beer these days

~Now back to the back nonsense~

2p!Canada: *kisses 2p!Alaska* hey sweetie what's up

2p!Alaska: oh am learning Russian *looks at paper with scribbles on it* ah hum

2p!Canada: *puts 2p!Alaska on my lap* tell me what Russian boobies say... I mean um say

2p!Alaska: pft... what was that?!...

2p!Canada: nothing... love you *nuzzles 2p!Alaska*

2p!Alaska: love you too darling... eh don't feel like reading this *puts paper away* to boring

2p!Canada: hi backpack yo backpack *fails America's accent*

2p!Alaska: hi backpack *shoving paper in backpack*

2p!Canada: *does horrible Brit accent* hi my names boorish man

2p!Alaska: oh remember that Sherk thing I showed you yesterday... spread my ass cheeks wide, think it went something like that?

2p!Canada: umm... oh remember that Sherk rapping one?

2p!Alaska: hehe exactly 😄

2p!Canada: *drama voice* to late he's already come... wait as in come... Come haha

2p!Alaska: *does bunny ears with fingers and bends them* come

2p!Italy: *walks past*

2p!Canada: hey Italy nothing to see here *solutes* just doin drugs, I mean candy just candy

2p!Alaska: nothing to see... drug candy XD

2p!Canada: *turns 2p!Alaska around* I love candy *passionately kisses 2p!Alaska* but I crave you more *winks*

2p!Alaska: *passionately kisses 2p!Canada's back* such a charmer...

2p!Canada: do you like Americans? *sings it*

2p!Alaska: *squeaking yet not very annoying voice* do you like Yaoi?... *cups hands around mouth and looks up* YAOI!!!!!

2p!Canada: haha, omg where?

2p!Alaska: are you scared of flying donuts?

2p!Canada: no I love flying... everything expect, cupcakes, my brother, illegal poaching, Alaskan. just kidding. your too beautiful to hate on *kisses 2p!Alaska*

2p!Alaska: *kisses back* you to

2p!Canada: *quiet tone* I hate my brother

2p!Alaska: *embraces 2p!Canada* he's so annoying... even maybe worst then 1p!France

2p!Canada: gonna go punch him *sets 2p!Alaska down in the second chair* oh shit it's 2p!Russia *sets 2p!Alaska back on lap*

2p!Alaska: *throws Denby knife Sharpener at 2p!America* much better

~In the front room~

2p!America: OW *gets hit*

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