You be cheaten

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My friend Jenna wrote for Ukraine i wrote for Estonia

(Jenna wrote)Ukraine: hey bæ what up

Estonia: h-hi

(Jenna wrote this)Ukraine: some b*tch have a problem with my boobs today and said "i'm just some stupid idoit that you only want me for my body!" Are you cheating on me!!

Estonia: ?

Ukraine: oh my gosh i thought you would tell the truth whats her name!

Estonia: my computer *points to computer*

(Jenna wrote)Ukraine: *taps chest* WHAT ON THAT COMPUTER COULD POSSIBLY PROVE ME WRONG! *looks at screen*

Estonia: internet

(Jenna wrote this) Ukraine: you know what go grab that tramp and i'm about to beat her ass up and you are going to sleep on the couch you man hore!

Estonia: um... This escalated qiuckly

(Jenna wrote this)Ukraine: what now you're saying I'm needy oh now i see! guess who's not getting it tonight? Wanna know what where's Lithuania!!

Estonia: bæ its cool *shows laptop*

Russia: *peaks in* you better not be arguing with my sister, da?

Ukraine: *tackles Estonia* MY BOSS TOLD ME I COULDN'T SEE YOU ANYMORE BIG BROTHER RUSSIA *hugs Estonia tighter*

Russia: e.e big sister your going to kill Estonia with your knockers

Ukraine: big brother get out of here I'm about to fuck Estonian cuz I AM THE REPUBLIC OF UKRAINE *starts unbuttoning shirt*

Russia: *leaves*

(Friend Jenna wrote fro Ukraine)Ukraine: *grabs Belarus and Lithuania and has a 4 some with Estonia*

*mean while outside the room*

China+Siberia: *chatting*

Russia: seriously don't go in there *points to Ukraine's room*

China+Siberia: *walk in there any ways* what the fuck

(Jenna wrote this)Ukraine+Belarus+Lithuania+ Estonia: YES!!!! HARDER HARDER FASTER ITS SO BIG OHHH YAEH UH UHUHUHUH YES MORE MORE~~~~~~~~

China+Siberia: O.O *close the door* da fucka!


Siberia: EstoKraine, LietBel *fist pumps* HELLZ YEAH!!!!!

Russia+China: *look at each other and back at Siberia*

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