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A/n: seeing the doctor is a girl I'm flip flopping it so RobinHood is now a girl called RavenHood and yes the queen is evil and yes I'm rabidly naming the merry girls cuz I kinda forgot their original names

Honduras: *has 11th doctors screwdriver and, wearing a black plaid above the knees skirt instead black stocking white long sleeve dress shirt and a black plaid vest and some cool plaid ChuckTaylors, black skull necklace with silver chain and a cute skull ring on ring finger*

Geogia: where we heading

Honduras: anywhere I suppose *fiddling with controls*

Romano: umm how-a about the-a period of-a 1990?

Honduras: na I've already seen that

Georgia: RavenHood and her merry girls

Honduras: how about the sun planet? *walks over to other controls with cute sway of hips*

Romano: come on-a ragazza you-a said we-a or he-a could pick-a

Honduras: e.e she's fake so why make sexy *cough* I mean the Tardis go that far

Georgia: who's sexy

Honduras: the Tardis of course

Romano: that's not-a even a thing

Honduras: *rests head on control panel* don't listen to them they just jelly cuz you can go back in time~

Georgia: what is the Tardis gonna freak out or something

Honduras: it's ok boy they just don't understand a girl and her Tardis

*Tardis sounds*

Honduras: *opens Tardis door* *sighs* we're here. And guess what noooooo RavenHood

~arrow hits left Tardis door~

???: *british accent* did someone ring?

Romano+Georgia: it's really her *wearing time period clothes*

Honduras: *takes out arrow and runs finger along door frame* pfft I could do that

Geogria: are you jelly Doctor cuz you can't use a bow and arrow?

Honduras: -//////- n-no how could you say such things

Romano: *puts hand on Honduras's cheek and stares in her eyes* your lips say something no but, your cheeks say otherwise

Honduras: >\\\\< oh shut it!!!!

???: I'm still here

Honduras: it's to green nor do I have any problem with green

???: *shoots another arrow at the Honduran cheek* *cuts her* that box you have, I must be taking it from you now

Georgia: I'll handle this

Romano: *licks the blood from Honduras's bleeding cheek*

Honduras: *face brushing crimson red* k-knock it off

RavenHood: haha

Honduras: will you PLEASE SHUT UP

~Le time skip of awesomeness to the archery contest~

Geogria: it's a trap

RavenHood: i know but I'm RavenHood *winks*

Honduras: gosh fusing over that spandex wearing idiota, how stupid *failing at hiding jealously*

Queen: for whom ever wins this archery match will receive the golden arrow!!

Romano: ragazza what-a are you-a doing?

Georgia: *sighs* that's the doctor for you

Honduras: *runs up and takes golden arrow* hmm? *scans it with Sonic screwdriver* pure gold *walks away and throws arrow behind her*

Queen: what in the blazes?

Romano: *puts hand on Honduras's shoulder* don't mind-a her she's-a on her-a period

Guard: *puts arrow back*

Contentions expect RavenHood: *only get 3 or 2 shots away from the middle*

RavenHood: *hit target in the middle* haha~

Honduras: *shots arrow slicing RavenHoods in half* (Marco jokes people :3)

Crowd: *woot and hollering*

Queen: *shoots arrow splitting Honduras's in half*(more jokes)

Crowd: oh no she didn't

Georgia: oh yes she did~

Honduras: pfft~ *uses guards armor to make arrow bounce off of it and hit the target splitting Queen's arrow in half*

RavenHood: *shoots while standing backwards and splits both arrows in half*

Honduras: enough of this shit *takes out sonic screwdriver and points it directly at target*

~target exploses~

Anna: *cuts guards arm off* WHAT IS THIS BLACK MAGIC?!?!?!

Honduras: Robots knew it *mocking Georgia and Romano* I was right you were wrong that's right I'm right~

Guards: *mask opens up revealing a purple light*

Honduras: *throws hands up* Romano RUN!!!

Merry Girls+Romano: *Start to retreat*

Georgia: doctor this is your plan?!

Honduras: first rule of getting info is to get captured

Guard: *arrest Georgia and RavenHood and Honduras*

Georgia: great

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