Normal everyday meeting(almost normal)

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*all nations are in a conference room*
America: dudes now *munching on burger* the world conference can convey, so about are plan to reduce global warming. I think we should go to the once and further planet pluto and harvest its ice and cool the earth!

Canada: i agree

England: the only way to stop global warming is to duck tape your mouth shut so you stop letting out so much hot air

China: if you both don't agree how can i insult both of you!

Hungary: the only way is to make a law to restrict co2 in the air

Slovenia: stopping global warming is easy we stop burning so much fossil fuels

Beluras+Ukraine+Seychelles+ Ect~: we agree with Slovene(Slovenia's nickname)

China: that stupider than Prussia trying to dance in boxers aru!

America: i agree with China plus, who decided to let this sissy group of female nations in here anyway?

all girl: *get up and start shouting at America*

America: seriously everyone knows the manly man nations like me and china are qualified to make-

Hungary+Siberia: *charges at America with frying pan or rolling pin(Siberia)*

*bang noise*

Hungary: *holding broken pan* MY FRYING PAN WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY FRYING PAN!!!!

Siberia: *holding bend rolling pin* MY ROLLING PIN WHAT DID YOU DO TO IT

America: *hero laugh* dont you know nothing is harder than my head *keeps laughing*

Hungary: oh no i left my spare pan at home with out it i have nothing then a strike of bad luck


Hungary+Siberia: *run off together like a italian* are weapons!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone else except America: o.o

🌸Hungary+Siberia: *hold hands and raise them in the sky* Hetalia!💠

Everyone expect Honduras and France: *start to sing the opening song*

Honduras+France: *singing strongly* i led the revolution in my bedroom and i set all the zippers free, we said no more, no more clothes, give me-

Romano: *walks behind Honduras and covers her mouth* no just... No

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