Meet the kirklands

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A/N: Ireland has long wavy ginger hair, emerald green eyes. Usually wears off-shoulder white puffed shirt clover patterer legging and shoes with four leaf clove laces and four leaf clover charm bracelet.

Height: 5' 7

Britannia: Stop it!

Ireland: *wearing a green knee-high dress, heels, wavy ginger hair all nice with a clover hairpiece* *murdering N. Ireland* HoW DaRe YOU InSuLt my CLOVER DrEsS!!!!!!!

N. Ireland: *murdering Ireland* WELL SORRY!

Scotland: what did i say about making {insert food} *murdering England*

England: at least i'm not wearing a kilt!

Wales: *sitting on the arm of the couch* if this is to work we cant have Artie he'll just start a fight with Spain... So AllISTOR I CHOSEN YOU!

Britannia: yeah, i know *stands up* Seriously it's your sister, she finally dressed up like a girl instead of a tomboy, and bringing a guy over....

Wales: oh well doesn't matter it's just Portugal, it's not like she hasnt brought him here before.

Britannia: true but, that because she brought him as "friend, besties" *sits back on the couch and sighs* it's different this time!

Wales: *unleashes the all power, mighty and 999ft red dragon named Y Ddraig Goch on N. Ireland* i choose you... Ddraig! Use Fire breathe! *poses*

Britannia: *snaps finger and large window opens* *uses magic force field to contain fire only around N. Ireland*

N. Ireland: *getting burned* what. The. Hell! *breaks a hole in magic force field and crawls through it and runs to his room* akkkk leave me alone

Y Ddraig Goch: *picks head through window* you're looking well Ireland *nudges Ireland's legs causing her to fall on his head*

Ireland: *falls back* ekkk *sits on Y Ddraig Goch head* you're such a gentlemen~

Scotland: *holding England back so he cant touch the stove* get yer hands off the stove! Yer not cooking!

England: i'm only making scones! *almost touching the stove*

Scotland: *puts his smoke out on England's hand*

England: Ally! my hand you bloody twat! *rubbing hand*

Scotland: Arthur did ye just say.... Ally? Like, from Austin and Ally?

Britannia: *ignores Scotland and England* aw.. Your hair Erin come here

Ireland: *gets off Y Ddraig's Head and walks to Britannia and sits on her lap* how was my hair again?

Scotland+Wales: *slowly bring the pain to England*

Ireland: kick his ass Allistor!

Britannia: i worked so hard! *fixing Ireland's hair* Hey you two! Cymru, Scotia! Stop tormenting your brother and finish fixing the bloody table already!

Wales: North look there's fairy stuck in the trash! Oh the humanity of it all!

Britannia: *facepalms*

N. Ireland: i'll save you! *sticks head into trashcan*

Ireland: North Ire are you stuck?

N. Ireland: ...maybe...

Ireland: *dumps more trash into trashcan*

Scotland+Wales: *laughing*

Leprechaun: yer all stupid

{party animal cousin of the Leprechaun}Clurichaun: wow dude, yer like, a daredevil

Ireland: *dumps more trash and kicks him in the butt* thats what you get!

N. Ireland: awwww meh buttt!!! H-hey! Yer heels hurt!!!!

Britannia: Erin act ladylike or i'm doing a crossover so Ciel and Sebastian can teach you manners! Northern Ireland go take a god damn shower! Scotia, Cymru! Get the bloody table ready right now we only got 5mins left! Albion! Go help your brother before they get here! Last thing we need is them thinking we eat out of the trash!

England: *looks at his watch* bloody hell! 5mins guys!! *goes and trying getting N. Ireland out of the trashcan* push North! Push!!

N. Ireland: Dx i can't everything will smell!

Britanna: if you don't push right now i'll make you wish you're the trash!

Y Ddraig Goch: i sense someone coming

Scotland: *hears a knock and opens the door* hello, Portugal *pushes Ireland out the door* see you at 10 have fun~ *dead serious face* i'm warning you if ye dont want to be meh new kilt don't do it *shuts door*


Hetalia announcer: Ok, North got his head out of the trash don't worry. Though, plan failed so basically people, this was after the meeting Ireland hosted in Dublin. Taking Ireland's car Portugal dropped Spain off at his hotel and with Ireland giving him direction's they went to a fancy Restaurant, hit a few clubs Ect... but, lets just say Ireland's boss or family wasn't to happen about the hangover same for Portugal's.

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