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• Iran was once in a witness protection program but, they told her they would relocate her while they would watch her house but, isnt she decided to stay home and faced the criminal in which she did. The criminal was brought in the next day by Iran herself.

• Finland is actually closer related to Hungary than to the other nordics.

• Italy's haircurls corresponds to the golden ratio.

• you'll never heard England admit it but he wishes, despite Ireland's "mischievous" antics with BTT that she still lived with him and Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland. He misses her ferribly.

• Iran is insecure about trusting people because she's scared to trust get close to anyone because everyone who promised they would stay, turned their backs and walked away{even her sister if you look in hisory}. Thats why America is trying to bring her off defensive though, some people say she's to stubborn.

• Russia was the first country to make an alliance with Serbia before ww1 started and that because Russia{including Siberia cuz, shes part of Russia} considers Serbia as family explaining why he can be overprotective over her sometimes.

• Scotland taught England how to cook {as well his other siblings}. He just doesn't understand how he messes up so bad.

• both Germany and Japan are regulars at numerous anime convections around the world. They also rock maid outfits... Like a boss.

• China is a ancient country. China{iran+Iraq too} should be up there with ancient rome, Germania ect.... But china was all like "f*ck you, aru! I'm not gonna die! Suck my balls!" And just survived like Iraq+Iran.

• Russia sometimes has to lean downto talk to some of the shorter nations{Example: Singapore 5'ft 2in" - 5'ft 3in", Japan<shorty> ect} cuz half of them are fricking short!.

whenever the Hetalia girls{All oc's included} have a sleep over the only men usually they allow to join is Poland cuz he acts like a girl rather than a male and Sealand cuz, seriously people it's Sealand we're talking about and Finland cuz, yeah, he's Finland.

• Poland never bothered learning Lithuanian until 1920's when he was desperate enough for Liet to forgive him to do anything.

• Honduras has a birth mark on her upper right thigh in the shape of her bay islands{doesn't care is someone sees it}. It has later been discovered on her upper right breast she has a scar from the fall of Carias, a scar just below her left thigh{from the resist of Spanish rule<pre colonization>} though, one of her worst scars of all time is loctaed on her back{still tender stab wound that El Salvador dealt to her, singalong the football war} and a small scar on her under arm{hurricane mitch}.

• despite how cheerful she is Sometimes, Honduras is plagued by vivd nightmares of Resistance of Spanish Rule{pre colonization} but the one that sneaks into her dreams the most is the {Comayagua on fire} and when Lempira was shot in the head and fell form a gliff{after his death 30,000 warriors fled or surrendered}.

• Japan can see everyone's red thread of fate and he likes to give people a helping push towards finding their soulmate.

• Singapore gets picked on a lot for being one of the smallest nation but, despite being small she can still stand her ground{trained by Germany and Japan}.

• Spain is an UKE to everyone. Yes, even to Romano

• Romano wont admit it but he is very protective of his little Sister Sardinia because she is here own island not connected.

• the Italian brothers wont say anything but, secretly they're jealous because their own little sister has to protect always stand her ground to protect them and that means getting in a brawl if needed while they run as their sister fight tooth and nail.

• Iran can drink anyone under the table

• Ireland still doesn't know how to thank America, envy him, or hate him.

• Hungary and Poland write HP slash fics for each other and are generally the biggest HP geeks together

• whenever Canada sees Quebec{girl} and ontario{Male} bickering, it reminds him of England... and it makes him smile.

• Scotland favors Ireland because unlike the rest of the UK brothers instead of asking for her independence she when and took it while the rest remain as the uk. Most of the UK brothers are proud of Ireland but, honestly, they wish she didn't leave.

• on St. Patrick's day Ireland will test everyone's tolerant level dressed like a leprechaun.

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