1943 Allies Invade Sicily

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Sicily: *laying on her beaches*

Allies: *on a ship that lands on Sicily's beach*

Sicily: hm? *takes off sun glasses* wtf?

America: *jumps off ship* as a hero I'm here to capture you!

Britain: really America-...

Russia: *looks of bow of ship* privet

China: America-....

France: *sees Sicily* honhonhon

Siberia: *pushes France off boat*
*cricket sound*

Sicily: anyone up-a for a swimming-a match?

*five minutes later*

Germany: *sees message from Sicily* e.e

Sicily's Message: ciao Germany I-a kinda got-a caught. I-a know you-a told me-a not venture-a outside or-a on beaches-a i did-a that. HELP-A ME!!!!!!!!

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