What if{SNK}

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Japan: *talking about SNK*

Admin : hey what whould happen if the walls were personified?

~Japan and Ciela start imaging~




Haij: *staring at Sina's right eye which has a eye patch on it* *being Haij over it*

Jean: *sticking his arm through the hole in Maria's stomach* holy sh*t how do you eat?

Maria: i dont

Jean: ohhhhhh~

Levi: *giving Sina the Levi stare* so you're really sina?

Sina: yes i live with the king

Eren: *puts a rock in Maria's stomach* i fixed it!

Annia: we're so short compared to them

Sina: *takes off eye patch revealing black hole where her right eye should be* Hanij go away

Everyone besides Maria, Rose and Haij: *scream with terror*

Haij: must. Study. Sina *starts dragging Sina away*

Maria: nooooooo sis! *turns into a 50ft female titan and chases after Haij and Sina*

Everyone else beside Rose: o.o

Rose: Levi! Do something!

Levi: *runs after Hanij* GET OVER HERE

~meanwhile in Eren's basement~

{girl}Shinganshia: *noesbleeding from reading yaoi* ahh~


Sasha: holy crap! Maybe they have giant potatoes?

Japan: maybe not

Ciela: yeah... Maybe

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