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Kirkland Family prt2

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A/N: ok they're young like preteens{scotland's still older} way back before N. Ireland was even born

Britannia: hurry up! Or i'm getting your father!

Scotland: i'm trying just Erin wont give me my kilt!

Ireland: you lookin' for this! *holds up scot's kilt*


Britannia: urgh, seriously Hibernia help!

Hibernia: Ire give the kilt back *takes Kilt from Ireland*

Scotland: thanks *pits his kilt on* dont. Ever. Touch. Meh. Kilt. Again *death stare

Ireland: awww he's going to kill me *climbs up his leg*

Britanna: *pulls Hibernia by the ear* we're going

Scotland: *starts walking*

Britanna: you're not wearing anything under it are you?

Scotland: no

Hibernia: go get something under it dont need you mooning again

Scotland: Well some british jerk was bullying Ireland! It's my job to do that!

Wales: xD she caught you

Scotland: shut up!

Britannia:... When did this occur?

Hibernia: um...yeah... Yesterday?

England: *facepalms* to my people

Ireland: *clings Hibernia's arm for dear life*

{time Skip}

Germania: you're late

Hibernia+Britanna: sorry

Gaul: bwahahahahaha mrs. I'm always on time!

Britanna: *growls* SHUT UP

Hibernia: please

Gaul: y-yes *shoo's France away* go play with the other childern

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