135. You're Nervous To Let Him See You Naked

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Liam: You had grown accustomed to sleeping naked. It was something you kind of adopted after moving out on your own. You loved not being restricted by pajamas. But all that changed when you and Liam decided to start having sleepovers. You were self conscious so, while Liam only ever wore briefs, you wore a shirt and shorts. It was your first night sleeping together, and you were excited. But when you woke up, Liam wasn’t there. Confused, you got up to see if he had moved somewhere else. As you went into the den, there was Liam, sleeping on the little love seat  his feet draping over the arm rest like a giant in a doll house  He woke up to the sound of you walking towards him, and smiled sheepishly. “Why aren’t you in bed?” you asked, pointing towards your door. “To be honest Y/N, you flipped and flopped all night. I could barely sleep. You kept pulling on your clothes and stretching them out. You hit me once when you were pulling your tank top” he explained, and you blushed. “Sorry, I guess I was just restless” you said, but Liam wasn’t buying it. “It’s more than that” he prodded, and you sighed.  “Okay, so, usually I sleep naked, but I didn’t want to sleep naked with you” you explained, and Liam’s face dropped. “Why?” he asked, and you started shaking your head furiously. “No no, it isn’t you. it’s just… I don’t…. I don’t make a habit of letting people see me naked” you said, the red flooding to your cheeks. “Because…” Liam said, standing up and sitting on the back of the sofa, facing you. “I don’t like my body” you said simply, and Liam sighed deeply. “Y/N, you don’t need to feel like that. You’re so beautiful, and I love your body. Don’t feel self conscious around me, babe, because if I had it my way you’d never wear clothes” he smirked, and you blushed. You weren’t ready to go completely naked, but you gradually wore less and less to bed as you felt comfortable.

Zayn: Zayn grabbed your waist, and you felt an electric current race through you. A feeling you now knew too well. It was the feeling of Zayn wanting to take you home and have ‘alone time’. You felt butterflies as Zayn said goodbye to everyone at the party you two were at, and swiftly walked you to the car. You got in and rested your sweaty palms on your lap. You two talked lightly as he drove home, the ride felt long and drawn out. As you arrived, Zayn unbuckled his seatbelt and turned the car off. You followed him closely as he led you in the house, his arm securely  on your shoulder. He was barely in the doorway before he had his shirt off. You were still in your foyer as you shrugged off your sweater. Zayn kissed you before pulling your zipper on your dress. You froze, and Zayn must have felt your tenseness as he pulled back. “What’s wrong Y/N?” he asked, and you looked down, anxiously. “Can we just go to the bedroom?” you asked, and Zayn stared at you. “What’s going on?” he questioned again, and you felt trapped. He wasn’t going to let it go, so you mine as well give him what he wants quickly. “I just don’t like to be naked in front of you in the light” you said, pointing up towards the chandelier hanging above you. Zayn, still confused, took your hand. “Why?” he said simply, and you wished you could just walk away without responding. “I just don’t like you to see my body that… clearly” you said, and Zayn scrunched his forehead. Your confession did not sit well with him. “Y/N, you know I love your body, right? I love every inch of it, your curves and dimples. Dips and marks. Everything about every inch of your body. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable, and I don’t want to do this if you’re not one hundred percent confident that it’s what you want” he said, the deepest concern in his eyes. You glanced down, looking at his hand intertwined with his. “Well, I am comfortable with you Zayn.  I just, I get self conscious” you said, and Zayn nodded. “That’s okay, but you have nothing to be self conscious about when you are with me. You’re breathtaking” he said, pulling you into a kiss. You slowly lead him to the bedroom, but left the door open, letting the light shine in on you two.

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