4. You're First Dance at your wedding

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NIALL:  Niall hasn’t stopped smiling all day since first laying eyes on you at the ceremony.  After over an hour of taking pictures, you two are finally at the reception.  You’re in the middle of the dance floor, waiting for your song to start playing so you can have your first dance as husband and wife.  Niall had been adament about wanting one song and one song only.  Lucky for you, you’d fallen in love with it the moment he’d suggested it.  He takes you in his arms, staring lovingly into your eyes asEverything by Michael Buble starts playing.  Niall sings along softly, his smile never leaving his face and his gaze never leaving yours.  The two of you sway and dance to the music, getting lost in the lyrics for the duration of the song.  The only thing that breaks you from your infatuated trance is the applause coming from your friends and family as the song comes to a close.

LIAM:  Liam hadn’t been able to properly catch his breath all day, as you had, quite literally, taken his breath away when he first saw you in your wedding dress.  The sight of you every time he saw you throughout the day was so overwhelming.  You’d always been beautiful to him, but something about you in that dress, knowing that from this day forward you are his, and only his, had his heart racing in excitement.  You both make your way to the middle of the dance floor to have your first dance together.  As the song I’ll Be by Edwin McCain begins playing, the people standing around the room seem to just fade away as you and Liam only have eyes for each other.  Liam finally breathes easy for the first time all day as you wrap your arms around him and nuzzle your face into his neck.  He rests his head atop yours, enjoying your embrace as the music plays on.

LOUIS:  Initially, Louis had wanted to do one of those new fad first dances where the music starts out slow and soft and then some fast, goofy song picks up, followed by several more fast, goofy songs, until it finally lands back on the original slow, soft song.  You’d considered the idea at first - it was definitely typical Louis and would definitely showcase the fun-filled relationship you two have - but ultimately, you’d opted to go the more traditional route, and he’d agreed, albeit a bit reluctantly.  You end up choosing Wonderwall by Oasis because it’s one that both of you have always loved.  When the time comes that you two take the dance floor and the music starts up, Louis gets a little choked up.  He’d held it together during the ceremony, but his emotions finally get the better of him.  He burries his face in your hair to hide the tears and whispers just loudly enough so you can hear him over the music, “You were right, baby, traditional was a much better way to go.”

HARRY: You and Harry are happily swaying back and forth to the song I Could Not Ask for More by Edwin McCain.  The two of you have the biggest, goofiest grins on your face as you both sing along to the song, staring deeply into one another’s eyes.  Harry’s dimples had been permanently plastered on his cheeks all day long.  Everything so far had been beyond perfect, and you both couldn’t have been happier if you’d tried to be.  As the song starts to come to a close, Harry leans down close to you ear and nearly growls, “I cannot wait to rip that dress off you later tonight.”  You errupt in laughter just as the photographer snaps a picture, capturing the intimate and typical Harry moment forever.

ZAYN:  You push through the door leading out to the garden outside your banquet hall.  You find Zayn pacing back and forth, wringing his hands as he goes.  “There you are,” you breathe a sigh of relief.  “They’re about to have us do the first dance.  What’s got you so worked up?  The hard part is over.  The I Do’s have been said - this is the fun part!”  “No, the hard part is not over.  It hasn’t even started yet,” he disagrees.  Realization washes over you.  “Ohhh.  You’re nervous about dancing in front of everyone, aren’t you?”  He nods.  “I’m just afraid I’ll be so uncoordinated that I’ll trip over your feet or your dress or something.  We should have practiced this,” he grumbles, pushing his hand through his hair.  You walk over to him and stop him from pacing.  You place your hands on his cheeks and look him in the eyes.  “It’ll be fine, you’ll see.  I’ll lead.  You barely have to even lift your feet off the floor, really, so don’t worry about stepping on me or my dress.”  Zayn smiles a bit and you lead him back into the ballroom.  You take the dance floor and Amazed by Lonestar begins playing.  Just as you’d expected, the dance goes off without a hitch and Zayn’s smile is all the thanks you need as he leans in to kiss you.

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