35. He Forgets Your Birthday And Tries To Make Up For It

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ZAYN:  “What are you so pissed about?” Zayn asks you, feeling a bit angry himself after the way you’d been treating him all evening.  “What day is it, Zayn?” you snap.  “What does that have to do with anything?? It’s- Oh shit.  Baby, I’m SO sorry!  I didn’t mean to forget!”  “Save it, Zayn.  It doesn’t even matter,” you tell him sadly as you peel back the covers and climb into bed.  The next morning you wake up and Zayn’s not in the bed with you.  You curse him for being so ignorant and make your way to the kitchen.  You smell the aroma of bacon and hear the sizzle of a pan as you walk into the room.  There’s a vase with fresh flowers in the middle of the table and a card standing in front of it.  “Just in time,” Zayn smiles, placing some potatoes on your plate and setting it down on the table.  “Happy birthday, gorgeous,” he says, kissing your forehead.  You smile despite trying to fight it.  “This is a nice start,” you tell him.  “Don’t worry, I have plenty more up my sleeve for the rest of the day,” he informs flirtatiously and you can only imagine what else is in store for you.

NIALL:  You’d been giving Niall the cold shoulder since last night and until now, he had no idea why.  His eyes bug out of his head and his jaw nearly hits the floor when he realizes that yesterday had been your birthday and he hadn’t even wished you a happy birthday.  He sneaks off to a quiet part of the house, out of earshot of you, to call and make reservations at your favorite restuarant.  He continues about his day, letting you ignore him as though he doesn’t have a clue what he did wrong.  About two hours before your reservation time, he begins pestering you to get dressed.  “Why?  I’m quite comfortable in my bathrobe and slippers, thank you very much,” you say haughtily.  “Just take a shower and get dressed because either way, you’re getting in that car in an hour and a half and I know for a fact that you’d rather be clean and clothed,” he states firmly.  You let out a loud, annoyed sigh and stomp off to the bathroom to do as suggested.  When Niall pulls into a parking spot outside of your favorite restuarant, your mood softens a bit.  “Happy birthday, baby.  I’m sorry I forgot yesterday, and I’m gonna spend all year making it up to you.”  He finishes by leaning in and pressing a kiss to your lips which you happily melt into, forgiving him for forgetting.

LIAM:  You awake the morning after your birthday to a poem left on Liam’s pillow.  You pick it up and read it: “Roses are red, Violets are blue, I may have forgotten your birthday, But I still love you.”  A lilac lays on the pillow as well, which you pick up and lift to your nose, breathing in the fresh scent.  You crawl out of bed and make your way into the kitchen in search of some breakfast.  “Surprise!” you’re greeted with when you appear in the doorway.  A smile spreads across your face at the sight of Liam and the boys sitting around your kitchen table, busily devouring waffles.  They each wear a party hat and you notice a couple balloons and streamers decorating the room.  Liam places a plastic princess crown on your head and pulls out a chair for you in front of a plate of waffles.  He kisses your cheek as he pushes the chair in for you.  “Ow!  Hey!” Niall yelps.  “Quit stealing my waffles!” Harry demands, his fork poised in the air, ready to stab Niall’s hand again if he comes too close.  You laugh at the scene, appreciating Liam’s impromptu party to make up for forgetting your birthday.  “Happy birthday, princess.  I love you,” he whispers before planting another kiss to your cheek and letting you eat your breakfast.

LOUIS:  You’d been feeling down in the dumps for the last day since Louis forgot your birthday.  It’s really eating at you that he doesn’t care enough to even notice that he forgot.  You’re mindlessly flipping through the channels, trying to distract yourself from seething over your boyfriend’s stupidity.  A knock on the door breaks your concentration on your race through the channels.  You get up and answer the door to find Louis standing on the doorstep.  You’re confused, but you lean against the doorframe with your arms folded across your chest, and wait for the answer to come as to what in the world he’s up to now.  He clears his throat and begins singing as though he were delivering a singing telegram, “Your boyfriend in a moron, but he loves you very much.  Please don’t be mad for too long or he’ll go very nuts.  The point of this lame message, is just for him to say - that he will never, ever again forget his love’s birthday!”  His stupid song has you giggling by the end and you lean in to kiss his cheek.  “That’s a fabulous start, what else ya got?” you tease.  “Your favorite ice cream cake and a full-body massage courtesy of moi!”  “There you go!” you chirp, pulling him into the house to begin your pampering.

HARRY: “He want that cake cake cake cake cake…” Harry is singing to you, dancing sexily (or so he believes) as your belated birthday gift. “If this is your idea of making it up to me for forgetting my birthdday yesterday, then you are severely dillusional,” you say, unamused. “But he wanna lick the icing off,” he continues, giving you a face to indicate he means the words he sings. You shake your head and get up to leave. He’s quick to grab you around the waist and jump with you back onto the couch. He places a kiss to your lips and you push him away. “No. You are not getting off that easy. You forgot my birthday, Harry!”  “What if I told you I have something waiting for you in the kitchen?” Your interest is piqued and he removes his body from hovering over yours so you can go check out the other room. You find a pair of earrings that you’ve had your eye on for weeks now, and the takeout menu for your favorite Chinese food place.  Harry comes up behind you to kiss your neck gently. “Happy birthday, baby.  I’m so sorry I forgot.”  You smile and turn around to wrap your arms around his neck.  “It’s ok.  Just don’t let it happen again!” you threaten and he promises that he won’t.

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