92. He Compares You To His Ex In A Bad Way

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Harry: You were listening to Harry and Louis doing an interview on the radio. You were excited when he was asked about you. “So, Harry, you have a new girlfriend Y/N, right?” the interviewer asked. “Yeah, we’ve been dating six months but we’ve just come out to the public.” “So, your most recent confirmed ex was Caroline Flack. How do the two compare?” the interviewer asked. You turned it up, finding the question really interesting. “Well, compared to Caroline I guess Y/N lacks… experience in the bedroom” Harry says, and Louis laughs. You’re appalled. How dare he 1. bring up your sex life and 2. say you’re not good. You hear Louis stop laughing suddenly and say “He means less talented” and that’s enough for you. You turn the radio off. Two hours later, Harry comes home. You’re sitting on the couch, livid. “Hi babe” he says as he walks over to give you a hug and you pull away. “What?” Harry asked. “Are you sure I’m experienced enough to hug you, Harold?” “Oh… You heard that” he says, looking embarrassed. “Well duh, of course I was listening” you said, crossing your arms. “Look, Y/N, she did have more experience but I never meant it in a negative way. And I yelled at Louis for what he said afterwards. I like that you’re inexperienced in the bedroom. I love teaching you things… I don’t know what else to say” he said, trailing off. You gave him a hug. “Just, try and be careful of what you say in interviews Harry. People will twist it negative. Always” you caution him. He nods into your shoulder before whispering “Do you want to gain some more experience?”

Liam: Liam was doing an interview and you decided to join him. You were standing just off stage, and Liam kept looking at you and smiling. “Liam, you have a girlfriend correct?” the interviewer asked, and you smiled. “Yes I do, her name is Y/N and she’s incredible” he smiles. The audience awes and you blush. “So you were dating Danielle Peazer this time last year. Actually, you were living with her. What’s different about Y/N from Danielle?” Liam thinks, and you expect him to say something sweet. “Well, Danielle was a lot more grateful. That’s for sure. Y/N trips over everything and falls like a sack of potatoes.” Everyone laughed except you. You were not impressed, and made it very clear by shaking your head at Liam. He flipped his hands at you as you walked away and back to his dressing room. About ten minutes later, Liam enters the change room. You are sitting with your back to the door, and he walks up to you. “Y/N, I didn’t realize how mean that sounded. I am so sorry.” You ignored him and turned away from him again. “Y/N, I am sorry. I wouldn’t ever purposely say something to hurt you.” You knew he was telling the truth. You turned to him, and Liam’s face looked shattered. “I forgive you” you say, and Liam jumps up and gives you a hug. He kisses you, thanking you, and holds your hand as you walk out.

Niall: Niall was doing a twitcam and, you were sitting off to the side, reading. You and Niall had only been dating a month, and you were just getting used to the ‘dating a famous pop star’ thing. As he did his twitcam, one of the fans asked about the biggest difference between you and Demi Lovato. You cringed as he read the question. You hated remembering they had a ‘thing’ before you and Niall met. She was so pretty. “Biggest difference would have to be how much Y/N can eat. She is like a bottomless pit” he said, and you jerked your head. Niall saw your reaction in the computer, and turned to you. You got up and walked away, and Niall chased you. You didn’t know that he caught you before you were out of the camera’s view. “That was so rude” you told Niall, as he grabbed your wrist. “Y/N, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings” he said, meeting your downward stare. You had tears in your eyes, and Niall pulled you in. “Princess, sweetie, I didn’t mean it like that” he said, and you let tears fall on his shoulder. “You know I think you’re beautiful, and I love how much you eat. Its one of my favorite things about you.” “Really?” you ask, voice cracking. “Yes! Absolutely!” he smiles. You give him a  kiss and the fans watching the twitcam all send comments like ‘awwww’ and ‘cutest couple ever’.

Zayn: Zayn and Niall were sitting out in your tv room playing video games. You had just gotten out of bed, and it was late afternoon. You slipped on your slippers and went towards the kitchen. You had to walk through the tv room to get to the kitchen, but right as you were about to walk through you heard Zayn say your name. You stood in the doorway to eavesdrop. “She is just so unenergetic. All she ever does is sleep, get ready and we’ll go out. It’s a little boring, you know?” Zayn says. You’re shocked. “Mate, that’s all you do too” Niall says laughing. “Perrie was so energetic. She always wanted to do stuff. Go out and try new things. I don’t know” Zayn says, looking intently at the screen. “Why don’t you just go back to her then, Zayn?” you ask from the doorway. Zayn turns and sees you standing there. “Y/N” he says quietly as you turn around and walk back to your room. You get into bed and curl up. The words hit you hard, and you started crying. You heard the door creak open, and Zayn is standing looking at you. You turned into the bed. “Y/N, I didn’t mean to hurt you. You and Perrie are different women. There’s things about you that I love that she didn’t do. There’s just this one thing that you do that’s different.” “I’m not mad you said it, I’m mad you didn’t tell me and you told Niall instead. I would love to go out and do new things” you said, turning towards him. “I know, I was stupid. Forgive me?” You nodded, and he cuddled you in bed until Niall called out asking if he was coming back.

Louis: “So, you’re the new it couple right?” the interviewer asked you and Louis. You laughed at the question. “Of course” Louis said, laughing. “Okay, Louis, Y/N. What is there about each other that’s different from your exes?” You gave it some thought, and decided you would say Louis is funnier. “I’ll go” says Louis, and you smirk. “Y/N is much more serious than El was. She takes things really seriously. El was more laid back and cool with things. She was more fun.” You scrunched up your face and the interviewer looked at Louis awkwardly. You could hear a pin drop. “Well then” you said as you stood up and left the stage. Louis followed you and you heard the interviewer cut to commercial. “Y/N that came out all wrong!” Louis called to you, but you kept walking. “Y/N! Stop! Please hear me out!” Louis calls. You stop and turn around, crossing your arms. “Look, what I meant was you take life seriously. And that’s a good thing. That was my biggest issue with her. She always wanted to goof around and had no interest in things that were important. I am so thankful you are different.” You cracked a smile. “You are so bad with words, Lou” you said, shaking your head. “I know, I shouldn’t even be allowed to talk” he says laughing. Later that night, he tweets ‘about @Y/T/N, she makes me so happy. i messed up today. i love everything about her, and i always will’.

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