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60. You Have A Nightmare

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Niall: *le dream* You were running down a dark street, and someone was chasing you. You tripped and fell down. The man sped up and held you down. He took out his knife and lowered it to your neck. "AHHHH" *reality* you woke up screaming and sweating. Niall woke up immediately. "Babe, ya alright?" He murmured moving the hair out of your face and patting your back. You tried to speak, but you were too dramatized. "It's okay, I got ya. I got ya" he pulled you to his chest and held you tight reminding you that he would always protect you.

Harry: *le dream* You woke up and it was really dark. You didn't feel the familiar body of Harry beside you. You stood up to go to the bathroom. When you turned on the light, you see a trail of blood leading to the bathtub. You start to panick. You slowly open up the curtain and see something terrifying. *reality* You wake up in tears. Harry rubs his eyes and notices the tear stains on your face. "Baby, what's wrong? Nightmares? Oh no. Come here" he says extending his arms. You nodd your head yes and you cuddle close to him. You almost forget about the dream you just had with his comforting touch.

Zayn: *le dream* you were in the middle of the ocean screaming for help and you didn't know how to swim. You went deeper and deeper and - *reality* "HELP ZAYN HELP AHHH!!" You screamed. Zayn actually woke up from his sleep and hugged you tight. "What happened, boo?" "I was drowning and you weren't there and -" he hushed you and looked you in the eyes. "I love you and I'll always be there for you. No matter what. Okay?" "Okay. I love you too Zayn." You held him tight while he sang you back to sleep.

Louis: *le dream* "Lou? Louis? Where are you, Lou?" You were lost in a large place that seemed to be your house, except it just didn't feel like it. You didn't know where Louis was. You hear a car engine start so you look out the window. It's Louis with luggage leaving. You try to run after him but the doors of the house are locked. Suddenly you hear noises and you feel breaths on your neck. *reality* you wake up and you're breathing very heavily. "Can you breathe any louder?" Lou whines. "S-s-sorry. N-n-nightmares" "oh. I see. What happened, love?" He asked snuggling up closer to you. You tell him what happened. "Please don't leave me Lou.." Hey. Look at me. I'm never leaving you. Ever. And that's a promise. We're all in everything together. Got it?" "I love you, Lou." "I love you, (Y/N)."

Liam: *le dream* you were surrounded by zombies and they all huddled closer to you. One grabbed a hold of you and chewed on your neck. "AHHHHHHH! Another zombie grabbed your arm- *reality* Liam aready knew you were having a nightmare because you were talking in your sleep about zombies and such. So he woke you up. "Oh my gosh, Li. It was horrible. We shouldn't have watched that zombie movie. We should've just watched toy story or something." Liam let out a small chuckle and stroked your hair while you layed in his arms. "It's okay, (Y/N). I'll protect you from those evil creatures. Liam to the rescue!" He kissed the top of you head. You smiled and drifted off to sleep.

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