119. BMS Playing Wrestling

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Harry, age 5: Harry pins you down gently, tickling you. Then, he flips you over, making it seem as if you flipped him over instead. You smacked at his chest, then quickly got up, and Harry stayed on his knees. You threw light punches at his chest, making Harry gasp dramatically as if in pain. “Oh no! He drops to the floor, lying on his back. “I won, I won!” You giggle, sitting on his chest. “You did, didn’t you? Oh boy, I need some practice.”

Zayn, age 15: “How in the fuck?” You had Zayn pinned down beneath you, and you smirked as he struggled beneath your arms. “I’ve been taking karate, judo and some boxing lessons from Harry.” You explain, laughing. He taps the ground twice in surrender and you get up. “Now I’m better than you. At least at something anyway.” You smirk. He scoffs and crosses his arms. “You’re such a sore loser!” You tease.

Liam, age 19: “Liam, that’s not fair!” You squeal as he tickles you. “That’s cheating!” He smirks as you say that, releasing you. “So try and pin me down. No tickling.” He states. With, ease, you push him down, pinning him on the floor. “How?” He asks, baffled. “Niall’s been teaching me-” “Niall?!” “Yeah, he’s been giving me some lessons.” You shrug casually, getting up. “No one makes a move on my sister..” Liam mumbles as he goes to grab his phone and give Niall a stern talking to.

Niall, age 9: You giggled as the boys watched you and your brother play wrestle. “I will win!” You proudly said, throwing weak punches and hits at your brothers chest. “I don’t think so, princess.” He teased, tickling you. You squirmed around, accidentally kicking your brother’s jewels. He fell and crouched on the ground in pain. “I’m guessing she won?” Liam teases. “I’m not responsible for your injuries if you tickle me!” You smirk. 

Louis, age 2: He playfully reached over for your arm, taking it gently in his hand and making it seem like you had punched him. He dramatically stepped back in shock, making you giggle. “Wow, she’s a strong one!” Louis beamed, joking at your mum. He continued to do this until you stopped him. “Lou-Lou, no hit!” You sternly said, starting to caress his cheek. “Aw babe.” He grinned, taking you from your mum’s arms and kissing your cheek. “That’s right. No hit.”

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