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13. He Sees You Wear His Clothes For The first Time

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ZAYN:  It’s a chilly fall afternoon and Zayn spontaneously decides he wants to go for a walk.  You hadn’t dressed appropriately for the weather, assuming you’d only have to run from the car to his house, so you try to protest the walk.  Zayn is insistent, however, and tosses you one of his jackets to wear.  You accept it and slip it on.  Zayn does a double-take at you once the jacket is slid over your arms and resting comfortably on your shoulders.  “What?” you ask self-consciously.  “N-Nothing.  You just look really good wearing that, that’s all.”  You smile shyly, “Thanks.”  He takes your hand in his and leads you out the door to go on the walk.

LOUIS:  You’d spent the night at Louis’ house due to the snow coming down hard and fast the night before.  You wake up this morning to nearly two feet of the fluffy white stuff outside.  Louis leaps out of bed and rushes to the backyard, barely taking the time to grab the essential winter articles of clothing before going outside.  You follow suit and join him a couple minutes later.  He’s already started building a snowman when you get out there.  You help him finish it, and as you’re putting the finishing touches on, a snowball comes hurling at you.  From there, a full-on snowball battle takes place, and you both end up freezing and soaked by the end.  Shivering, you make your way back into the house.  Louis tosses you a pair of flannel pajama pants and a t-shirt for you to change into.  You change while he throws both of your wet clothes into the dryer.  Upon returning to the room, Louis’ breath catches.  The sight of his pants hanging off your hips and his t-shirt clinging to your curves puts a smile on his face.

HARRY:  At the last minute, you’d decided to spend the night at Harry’s.  Having nothing to sleep in, Harry hands you a pair of his pajama bottoms.  You slip out of your jeans and replace them with the pj’s.  As Harry turns around to face you again, he stops and leans back, looking at you approvingly.  You notice this and play along, modelling the pants for him.  He laughs in amusement.  “They look good on you!” he tells you.  “I thought so,” you agree.  “I’m just glad somebody’s getting some use out of them,” he tells you, throwing in a wink.

LIAM:  You’re all at Harry’s bungalow for a summer weekend getaway.  You’re standing near the edge of the pool, talking to Niall and Liam.  Harry and Zayn have already stripped down to their boxers and are in the pool.  Louis rips off his shirt and takes a running start for the pool to join his friends, grabbing you by the waist as he goes, and knocking you into the water with him.  “Louis!” you yell disapprovingly as you surface.  “You moron, now my clothes are soaked,” you scold, giving him a big splash for good measure.  The boys are in a fit of laughter, and you can’t help but join them as you climb out of the pool - it was pretty funny.  Still laughing, Liam reaches a hand to you to help you out of the water saying, “I have some extra clothes in my bag if you want to change into something dry.”  You take him up on his offer and go off in search of his bag.  You find a pair of basketball shorts and a sleeveless shirt to throw on.  When you reappear in the yard, Liam is rendered speechles for a moment.  A smile spreads across his face as he tells you honeslty, “I think you look much better in that than you did in your clothes.”  You smile and give in a sweet kiss on the lips in thanks.

NIALL:  You’d ordered out for dinner, Niall getting buffalo wings, and you getting a chicken sandwich.  You’re both laughing at each other getting sauce all over your faces each time you try to take a bite.  Mid-laugh, a piece of your honey-barbecued chicken flops out of your sandwich and lands on your white t-shirt.  “Oh no!  That’s gonna stain!”  As you get up to go do some damge control on your shirt at the bathroom sink, Niall heads for his bedroom to fetch you a clean shirt.  He leaves it on the edge of the sink counter and returns back to the table to wait for you.  When you come back in his t-shirt, he likes what he sees.  Something about your cleavage peeking up from underneath his V-neck does things to him.  You sit back down at the table to resume your meal when you notice Niall’s gawking.  “You alright over there?”  “Wh- Oh, yeah, fine,” Niall says, snapping out of his little trance.  He continues glancing towards your chest the rest of the night and makes a mental note to buy more t-shirts like that for you to borrow from time to time.

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