105. You Can Have Kids

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Harry - ”And you think something like that matters?” He crushed you to his chest, tear stains smeared as he held you, hugged you, knotted limbs to yours in an effort, “babe, I love you,” he smiled in the light of your eyes wide, “and I will be with you, whether or not you can have kids someday. That… that’s okay, (Y/N), it is,” his hand cupped your cheek and you relaxed against him enough, “we don’t have to think about this right now. But it’s okay, I want you to know that, I love you.”

Liam - he shouldered you playfully, as your feet took you both down the crowded street. A mother with her child in a pram worried past you and he knocked his smile down at the turn of your head. “Don’t do that,” he warned, threading your fingers with his, “don’t do that to yourself.”

"Do what?" You murmured back, still hastened by tiny feet and pudgy little hands out of onesies. 

"That," he caught his hand by your neck and tore you back to him, "you know I love you, right? And I always will, so please…" he smiled as he looked at you, "don’t torture yourself about this. It’s okay…"

Louis - ”If you honestly think,” he peeled eyes half-narrow to keep from crying at the sight of you, “something like that…” he measured his voice, “could ever, ever keep me from loving you, then you are wrong, (Y/N). I am in this for the long haul, and I love you…” he brushed a tear from your cheek with the underside of his thumb and a half-moon nail, “just the way you are, you hear me?” His hands on you tensed until you nodded, “just as you are.”

Zayn - ”I don’t mind,” he groaned after you when you stormed out of the room, “babe, please… don’t let this matter.”

"But it does," your voice came too quickly, "I can’t ever give you kids, Zayn… how can… how can you be okay with that? I know I’m not!"

"Because," he hastened steps and caught up with you, capturing you, his thumbs running a little more outward as he peddled his hands down your sides, "I love you. I love you, not the fact that I might get kids out of you someday, I…" you worried when his voice shook, "you, I love you… I… I don’t mind, babe… I just wanna be with you."

Niall - ”Come ‘ere,” he held you when you’d calmed, and you crawled distance across the bed to settle on his chest, “I will always love you, (Y/N)…” he started slowly, “and kids… yeah, but there are other ways, love. It doesn’t have to be like this… and I don’t mind, God… I don’t mind at all, babe. If you even think I’d like you less ‘cause of something like this…” he traced fingertips along your skin, near his own chest until he could take your chin gently, “I love you…” he murmured quietly, “don’t ever think otherwise, especially not ‘cause of this.”

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