26. You Do A Twitcam Together

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LIAM:  Liam is doing one of his famous twitcams with his fans one night while the two of you enjoy a quiet night together.  He’d been sitting at the kitchen table, talking to them animatedly for about fifteen minutes now.  “[Y/N]?  She’s right here,” you hear Liam say to his computer.  “She’s doing a word search right now,” he explains to the fans.  It’s quiet for a moment as Liam reads through the messages coming in.  “See?” he asks, turning his computer to face where you sit, kitty corner to him at the table.  You look up from your word search book to smile and wave at the computer.  “Hi!” you greet the viewers.  Liam peeks at the screen and sees that his fans seem more interested in talking to you than him.  He scoots his chair closer to you so that you’re both on the screen and you continue the chat together, answering questions and relating stories to the fans all over the world.

LOUIS: You’re sitting quietly in the room while Louis does a live chat with his fans.  The TV is on, volume very low, and you’re flipping through channels, trying to find something at least halfway decent to watch.  You’d been successfully drowning out whatever Louis was saying until you heard him say, “Wait, go back!  I like that show.”  You click back to the requested show as Louis turns his attention back to his fans saying, “Oh sorry, I was just talking to [Y/N].  Didn’t mean to ignore you, loves!”  You assume fans had been asking who he’d been talking to, probably hoping it was another one of the guys.  After a few moments of silence, Louis speaks up again.  “So I’m reading a bunch of requests for you to make a guest appearance, [Y/N].  You up for it?”  “Really?” you ask, in a bit of shock that the fans would actually want to talk to you too.  “Mhmm, come here and look.”  You put the remote down, getting up to join Louis behind his computer to talk to the fans and answer some of their questions.

NIALL:  Niall comes prancing into the kitchen, carrying his computer in his arms.  “I thought I smelled cookies!” he exclaims happily, placing the computer on the countertop.  He reaches for a cookie off the rack.  You bat his hand away.  “Not yet, they’re too hot,” you reprimand.  You glance up and notice Niall’s screen.  “Are you doing a chat with your fans?” you question.  “Sure am!  Smile for the camera, baby!”  You laugh and wave to all the people watching.  Niall uses this as an opportunity to snag a cookie.  No sooner does he pop it into his mouth that he’s spitting it back out.  “HOT!!” he’s shouting.  You laugh at his expense.  “I told you not to eat them yet.”  You look back to the computer screen to see it blowing up with messages from the fans commenting on what had just happened.  #Niallneedstolisten trends for the next few hours.

ZAYN:  “Alright, everybody,” Zayn is saying into the camera, “I have a very special guest with me for this chat.”  He reaches over, taking you by the hand to pull you into his lap.  “Hey, everyone!” you say to the fans watching.  Questions start popping up left and right for you both, and you’re soon chatting away and running the show.  Zayn sits back and watches you go on, awed at how easily you relate to his fans.  Overcome by admiration, he leans towards you, catching you off guard with a quick peck on the cheek.  You smile, blushing a bit.  The majority of messages quickly changes to consist of comments about how cute you and Zayn are together.

HARRY:  You’re sitting with Harry at the computer, waiting for the twitcam stream to connect.  Once it does fans begin to go nuts over your presence.  Harry chuckles.  “I think they are more excited to get to talk to you, baby,” he says happily, pleased that his fans have such positive reactions towards you.  “I can’t help it that I’m more popular than you,” you tease, ruffling his curly locks.  The fans waste no time in asking you all sorts of questions about how you met and what it’s like to be dating Harry Styles.  You have a blast answering as many of their questions as you can, and are thrilled to be getting to share this kind of thing with Harry.

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