Taming the Bad Girl › h.s by Xaddy-
Taming the Bad Girl › h.sby ♠️ Acidic 💦
"And when we're alone, I'm Daddy to you, do you hear me?" [ DADDY KINK ]
  • interracial
  • ooc
  • humor
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fan girl // niall horan by niallskiiwi
fan girl // niall horanby rachel
in which a fan girl gets lucky. really, really lucky.
  • payne
  • fanfiction
  • niallhoran
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THE BODYGUARD [L.T] by -bruised
THE BODYGUARD [L.T]by louis' princess
She was the obnoxious daughter to a millionaire and he was the unlucky guy to have the job of keeping her safe. - She scowled at me, "I don't need protecting."...
  • action
  • adventure
  • zaynmalik
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The Styles Life by deehoran94
The Styles Lifeby Queen Dee
Join Harry as he introduces his secret family to the world after years of keeping them out of the spotlight.
  • daddyharry
  • fluff
  • liampayne
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SUGAR DADDY [L.T] by -bruised
SUGAR DADDY [L.T]by louis' princess
"baby gets paid for making daddy happy." just a man seeking attention, just a girl desperate for money.
  • liampayne
  • internet
  • love
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Louis-e (Zianourry) by Obviouslarreh
Louis-e (Zianourry)by Obviouslarreh
Louis was certainly not a girl. It was just his feminine feature or maybe his chestnut brown hair running past his ears that made people think he was a girl. - - Where...
  • wattys2018
  • zianourry
  • onedirection
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The Opening Act (H.S) {Completed - Editing} by littlebitofyourheart
The Opening Act (H.S) { bea
The story of how Ava Mae joined One Direction for the On the Road Again Tour... and then became so much more than an opening act. {Book I of II} --- ...
  • fanfiction
  • harrystyles
  • completed
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Our only angel by scarletttwist
Our only angelby Scarlett twist
ACTIVE AND UPDATING EVERYDAY Anna becomes one directions age play baby but what happened when she craves some special attention from one of her daddy's and meets the boy...
  • zouis
  • liampayne
  • harrystyles
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Desolate ° h.s. by NikeyStyles
Desolate ° ✧ brooke ✧
"We're lonely together?" "Yeah. I think we're desolate." Copyright 2018: NikeyStyles
  • onedirection
  • issues
  • baseball
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The Fighter // Harry Styles by reganriley
The Fighter // Harry Stylesby regan
"Breaking news! Famous universal boxer, Harry Styles, 20, has been admitted into St. Gregory's Hospital just hours ago. Sources say that Styles is in critical condi...
  • harrystyles
  • onedirection
  • liampayne
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Hideaway [h.s] by happydays1d
Hideaway [h.s]by happydays1d
{SEQUEL TO MALIGNANT} /She was my addiction, and god I needed to get high/ - "We need to go, they're coming for us." He yells over the rain that's slapping re...
  • dark
  • harry
  • gangleader
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Bite Me; larry stylinson [Top!Harry Bottom!Louis Feminine!Louis] by larryent
Bite Me; larry stylinson [Top! Jasmine Bukowski
13.02.18 - #66 in fanfiction "You're a sassy little thing, aren't you?" "Bite me, Styles." OR Part one of the "As Sweet As Devot...
  • louisandharry
  • gay
  • harrystyles
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Instagram {Larry Stylinson} by abib_7
Instagram {Larry Stylinson}by Abby
Harry comments on Louis' photo. • • • Model Louis ; Solo Harry {cover by @AllLouLittleThings13} ~stick w/ it. the chapters get longer I swear. And if you don't like the...
  • harry
  • liampayne
  • larry
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|+18| Life changer {Z.M} by zayn_Queen
|+18| Life changer {Z.M}by Σ 'αγαπώ🌹🖤
مَاذا يَحدُث عِندٓما يٓدْخل شخصً لحياتِك فٓجأه و يُغيرها بِاكملِها..بٓلْ يُغيُرك أنتٓ اِيضاً؟ "احقاً تحبها انها بمثابه اب-" "هل تظن انني كنت لانجب في الحا...
  • dramtic
  • daddy
  • romance
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Bad Friends 2 by Agaaxx
Bad Friends 2by Aga
Mogło im się wydawać, że ich dawni przyjaciele już na dobre zniknęli z ich życia. Podążanie za marzeniami na drugi koniec świata, ciężkie rozstanie, po którym ponowna pr...
  • wattys2018
  • louistomlinson
  • niallhoran
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How would you feel? (Harry Styles) || COMPLETED by JadeLor4
How would you feel? (Harry Styles) Jade
After years of studying and practicing, Jade finally gets signed by Syco, one of the most important labels on earth. From that moment her life changed forever. What cha...
  • celebrity
  • music
  • liampayne
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INSTAGRAM | H.S by littleworldoffandoms
@harrystyles liked your post. @harrystyles commented your post. Imagine the story you manage to tell with a few pictures and a caption.. Daily updates. Started: 09/03/1...
  • instagram
  • louistomlinson
  • wattpride
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 |+18| his prison [Z.M] by zayn_Queen
|+18| his prison [Z.M]by Σ 'αγαπώ🌹🖤
"لا تلوميني علي شئ فانتِ من اخترتي بان تكوني عاهره" "كان هذا شئ يدعي التضحيه ، شئ لن يفهمه امثالك ابداً سيد مالك" ____ كان لديها آمال مثل جميع المرا...
  • zayn
  • liampayne
  • louistomlinson
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Adopted by tayiah18
Adoptedby tayiah18
in which a damaged twelve year old is found by four men.
  • onedirection
  • adopted
  • adoption
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Toxic (H.S.) by heskindastraight
Toxic (H.S.)by ^^^daddy^^^
*Ongoing* "1 in 3 men are being abused Harry, you don't need to be embarrassed or feel like you owe her anything. You are the sweetest man alive and deserve to be t...
  • liam
  • wattys2018
  • zayn
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