5. You Lose Your Virginity To Him

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LIAM:  “Ow!  Ow ow ow,” you mutter into Liam’s shoulder, trying to fight through the discomfort.  He pulls away a bit to look you in the eye, worried.  “We can stop at anytime, just say the word.”  You shake your head side to side, indicating that everything is ok and to keep going.  For the next few minutes, you fight off the urge to yelp out at a few moments of dull pain, trying to enjoy the night.  Liam can tell you’re not really getting anything out of the experience, stopping every now and then asking if you’re sure you want to keep going.  Eventually things begin to get better and you even enjoy yourself a bit.  The next morning, you hear voices drifting in from your kitchen.  You and Liam rise out of bed to throw some clothes on and greet your visitors.  You’re terribly sore and can’t keep yourself from walking a little funny as you enter the kitchen.  Louis lowers his teacup and announces, “Well, well, well!  Looks like you finally got it in, did ya, lad?”  You blush profusely, knowing that your gait is the dead giveaway.  Harry laughs, “Looks like it was a good ride though, yeah?” he teases.  You pick up a cushion off one of the chairs and thwap them both across the head with it.

NIALL:  You’d both agreed to wait until the wedding night before giving yourselves to each other completely.  You’re finally on your way back to the hotel after the reception comes to a close.  Niall jumps you as soon as the limo driver is secured in the front of the vehicle.  You giggle, playfully pushing him away.  “Not yet, not yet!”  He kisses your neck and jawline, pawing at you hungrily.  “Niall!” you hiss with a laugh.  You manage to make it back to the hotel without Niall completely losing his mind.  Too impatient to wait for the elevator, he pulls you up the two flights of stairs to your suite.  You help him unbutton his shirt and pull of his clothes.  He helps you out of your dress, gingerly caressing his fingers down your arms as he lets the gown fall to the floor.  Shivers are sent up your spine.  “You ready?” Niall asks, suddenly a bit hesitant.  “I’m beyond ready,” you say with a smile as he gently lays you down on the bed, slowly kissing you all over your bare skin until neither of you can take the buildup anymore and that magical moment finally happens.

HARRY:  Harry’s mouth is holding yours captive as he practically sucks your lips right off your face.  His hands are groping your body, committing every curve to memory.  He pulls your shirt up, and when you make no move to stop him, he pulls it completely over your head and tosses it aside before taking off his own shirt.  He tilts his head to nuzzle at the curve of your neck just by your collarbone - the spot he well knows to be your weak spot.  He reaches to start unbuttoning your jeans and you reflexively do the same to him.  As you both shimmy out of your pants, Harry takes a moment to pause.  “Are you sure about this?” he asks you, giving you a chance to stop here and now if you’d like.  You respond by grabbing him and pulling him back towards you, wrapping your legs around his hips as you do.  Harry smiles against your skin as he continues to work his magic on your body, making it fire up in explosions of sensation.

ZAYN:  You’d been building it up for weeks, so when the night finally comes, you’re both more than ready for it.  Zayn had gotten home from tour just that afternoon.  After taking care of a few last minute odds and ends with the guys, he comes bursting through the door of your home.  You run into his arms, wrapping your legs around his waist and greeting him with kisses all over his face, as your fingers work quickly to undo the buttons on his shirt.  “Upstairs,” he manages to moan out.  “No time.  Here.  Now.”  Your hasty, dominant tone just turns him on more.  He places you down on your feet just long enough for you both to rip away your clothes.  He picks you back up and carries you a couple of steps to back you up against the wall.  “You’re sure about this, right?” he questions for his own peace of mind.  “Shut up,” you pant, grabbing him by the back of the head and pulling his mouth to yours once more.

LOUIS:  One of your many tickle fights takes a turn for flirtatious, as they often do.  However, this time the whole atmosphere just seems different somehow.  In the middle of a passionate kiss, Louis suddenly breaks away to look you in the eye.  Something about the moment just feels so right to you both.  “I’m ready if you are,” Louis whispers and you nod.  You begin to slowly undress one another as Louis continues to plant kisses all along your collarbone and shoulders.  You two awkwardly fumble around a bit a couple of times, laughing at yourselves in the process.  The fact that Louis can make you laugh even in such an intimate situation and that you are comfortable enough not to feel the least bit weird about it is all the proof you need that you aren’t doing anything you’ll regret later on.

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