124. BMS You're Attached To Another Member

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Harry, age 4: Ever since Louis babysat you last week, you were crazy attached to him. Everything you wanted to do had to be with him, and he didn’t mind one bit. “Love, why do feel the need to do everything with Louis?” Harry asked you, and you shrugged. “He’s funny!” You giggled, thinking about the prank you’d already played on the boys with him. “Am I not funny?” Harry frowned, clearly jealous. “You are, but Louis better!” You laughed, and ran back to where Louis was. The rest of the day, you done everything with him, and even managed to somehow sleep with him. Even though you were attached to Louis this week, Harry knew by the start of next week you would probably be attached to someone else, and being the jealous brother he is, he would definitely make sure it would be him.

Niall, age 18: Right now, you were super touchy and attached to Liam. I mean, you are his girlfriend why wouldn’t you be? Cuddling in to him while another batman movie played in the background, your brother groaned again. “Can you stop?” He moaned, and you furrowed your eyebrows at him, Liam chuckling a little. “Stop what?” “That! Being touchy and feely and stuff!” He groaned, and you smiled at him. “Jealous little thing. I could hook you up with Ashley, she does like you,” you smirked, mentioning your best friend and watching Niall’s whiny mood faded, and a completely giddy one appearing, “Fine.” “Good, now be quiet because I actually want to enjoy the movie with my boyfriend.” You grinned, and snuggled into Liam again.

Louis, age 4: You sat in Harry’s lap, playing around with him while Louis recorded his bits in the song. Soon, Louis was done and you had to let go of Harry, but refused. “No.” You simply stated, sitting on part of Harry’s foot and clutching on to his leg desperately. “C’mon bug, just for a while,” Louis begged, and you shook your head. “No!” You screamed, and Louis got the point, he wasn’t going to let you throw a tantrum, not here and not now. “Fine, be careful though!” He smiled and you squealed in delight. So for the rest of Harry’s recording session, you were sat underneath him, dancing along to the bits of the song you enjoyed.

Liam, age 17: “Since when have you been so attached to Zayn?” Liam questioned you, and you shrugged. “Dunno, really. I mean, me and him are best friends, you know that.” Continuing to pop a grape in your mouth, your brother continued to pester you. “But, you haven’t ever been so like, glued to him. I don’t know, maybe I’m over analysing or something.” You raised your eyebrow at what Liam had just said. Had he been watching you and Zayn recently? Sure, he and Perrie called it off, and it was mutual, but you didn’t want to start a relationship with him if he didn’t like you back. “Fine, okay? I like Zayn. But you don’t say a word to anyone.” You warned him, continuing to eat your plate of grapes. Little did you know, Zayn had been listening to that little conversation, and that was the day Zayn finally grew the balls to ask you out.

Zayn, age 2: “Aww, hi sweetie!” Niall cooed as he opened the door, he was having a small get together for the boys and the girlfriends, and you really wanted to come, and no one minded having you there anyway. “Ni!” You squealed, running to him and hugging him tightly. You and your brother were guided inside and you stayed with Niall most the time. “Love, come over ‘ere to Zayn. Let Niall be for a while!” He exclaimed, laughing a little. “Nuh, uh!” You stuck your tongue out at him, making everyone laugh and coo at you. “Leave her be, Zayn. I don’t mind having her with me.” Niall grinned, and you sat on his lap, watching the boys go at it on the video game, and truth be told, you never left Niall’s lap for the rest of the day.

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