36. He Goes Victoria's Secret With You

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LOUIS:  You hadn’t cared to have Louis join you on this shopping trip, but he’s insisted on going with you.  You’d wanted to just go into the store, buy the few bras you needed to pick up, and get out.  Now, that is going to be downright impossible.  After practically feeling up a mannequin, you finally have him sitting in a chair outside of the dressing rooms.  “Do.  Not.  Move,” you tell him firmly.  You go into the dressing room, casting a glance behind you to shoot Louis a warning glare before you disappear.  You emerge from the dressing room to find an empty chair.  You grumble under your breath as you turn to find him decked out in an extra-frilly nighty, completed with a matching lacy bra and panty set underneath.  “How do I look?” he asks you seductively.  You burst out in laughter.  “Get that stuff off.  I hope you know I am now officially banning you from ever coming here with me again.  Ever,” you tell him through your laughter.

HARRY:  He’d taken off the second you’d walked into the store.  You just shake your head and move in the direction of the items you want.  Harry returns several minutes later, arms full with items he wants you to try on and model for him.  A few bras and a pair of panties fall to the floor as he struggles to hang on to everything in his mountain of items.  “You’ve got to be kidding me…  Put this all back.  Now,” you instruct.  “But, babyyyy,” he whines, pouting like a child.  “Now,” you state firmly.  He sulks off to return the items to where they properly belong.  You walk up behind him, plucking a particularly risqué item out of his pile.  “I’ll hang on to this one for later,” you growl into his ear and it takes everything he has in him to not drop the pile and grab you by the waist to plant a kiss on your lips right then and there.

NIALL:  “You mean girls actually wear this?  How??” Niall asks, examining a thong as though he can’t believe what he’s seeing.  “I really don’t understand how you’ve never actually looked at a thong before,” you say, shaking your head at him.  “Well, I mean, I’ve seen them before, just not this up close and personal.  What goes where exactly??” he questions, dumbfounded.  You laugh and pluck the underwear out of his hands.  “I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you a little tutorial when we get home.”  “Really?!”  Niall can’t believe his ears and his face lights up like a kid’s on Christmas.  “Mhmm.  I think you’ll look really great in one,” you joke with a wink, turning to walk in the direction of what you want to buy as Niall stands with his mouth gaping open a bit at what you’d just said.

LIAM:  “I told you you could wait on the bench outside,” you tell Liam, whose face is scarlett upon entering the lingerie store.  “Nope, nope.  I’m fine,” he insists, keeping his eyes fixed on the floor so as not to look at the advertisements featuring half-naked women.  You give him a look as though to say, “yeah, alright, whatever you say” before picking out the things you want to try on.  You disappear into the dressing rooms and when you return a few minutes later, Liam is staring at a poster, practically drooling over the woman’s scantily clad curves.  As soon as he notices your return, he clears his throat and looks away, trying to pretend he hadn’t been oogling the oversized picture.  “What were you doing there?” you ask with a laugh.  “Oh, uh, nothing.”  “Looks like you were staring at that girl.”  “No, nope.  I wasn’t.  I only have eyes for you, baby,” he tells you before placing a kiss on your lips, causing you to giggle.

ZAYN:  Zayn picks up a barely-there negligee, smiling like a complete goon.  ”I bet we could put this to good use!” he tells you eagerly.  “I bet I wouldn’t even know how to put that stupid thing on,” you tell him, turning your attention back to the panties you’d been looking at.  “Come on,” he tries to persuade, coming to step behind you as he holds the nighty up in front of you.  “You would look sooo hot in this. And I could pull it off with my teeth…”  “Zayn!” you hiss, turning around to clap your hand over his mouth.  “Think about it,” he purrs, pulling his face from your hand and going for your neck.  “Jesus Christ, Zayn.  That’s enough.  Go wait outside.  And never come back into this store with me again,” you banish him, much to his disapproval.  You laugh lightly as he sulks off, turning around every couple of feet to make seductive faces at you, which only make you laugh more.

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