127. BMS Tour Cuddles

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Liam, age 6: You shuffled around, your nightmare making you shoot up in despair. “Liam!” You screamed. Not even seconds later a tall figure ran in the room, switching the lights on, where a super panicked Liam rushed next to you. “What’s wrong baby?” He soothed, reaching up to your forehead to check if you had a temperature. “Bad dream Li,” you cried, and he pulled you into his arms. “Aww, baby, c’mere. We can cuddle okay?” He hushed you, the bus bumping along the road. He laid you I’m the bunk, fitting in next to your petite shape. You cuddled next to him, moulding into him. “Sing a song Li-Li?” You whispered and he nodded, singing your favourite song, and you were asleep, just like that.

Louis, age 2: You had just woken up from your nap, and were struggling to get out of your crib. “Lou! Lou!” You squealed, feeling the bus bump around. Your brother soon enough came in the room. “Hi poppet!” He smiled, and picked you up. “Let’s go meet everyone, yeah?” He nodded, and you were taken to the living room. “Hi (Y/N/N)!” Everyone cooed, making you squirm in Louis’ arms. You were always shy after a nap. Cuddling into Louis, everyone ‘aww’ed. Louis sat down and you cuddled into him, until you woke up enough to be messing about and making a mess.

Harry, age 16: “I hate my life!” You scream, pushing past Harry and on the tour bus, plopping down inside your bunk with a ‘thud’. You heard prodding footsteps as you continued crying into the pillow, which was once white, now is black, covered with mascara streaks. “I should of worn waterproof mascara,” You mumbled, “What’s wrong, you just stormed out!” Harry scolded, staring up at you, face softening when he saw you broken expression, “He cheated on me Harry. And I found out over the phone. He butt-dialed me!” You sobbed. “Don’t worry darling. We’ll eat pizza and chocolate the whole night, and we can watch a movie and cuddle, alright? Don’t cry,” he soothed. You nodded, and for the rest of the night, you done exactly what Harry said.

Zayn, age 7: “Zayn?” You mumble, entering his bunk, and shuffling up to him. “(Y/N)? What’s wrong babes?” He croaked out, voice hoarse, making it noticeable he just woke up. “I can’t sleep,” you sighed, and he smiled. “C’mere, close the curtain and we’ll cuddle until you fall asleep, okay?” He hushed, and you nodded, shutting the curtains, ands snuggling into him. “Thanks Zaynie,” you sighed happily, pulling the covers up and resting your head on his chest. “No problem love,” he said, closing his eyes, quick to sleep, and you were quick to follow.

Niall, age 14: Niall didn’t know you were going to surprise him, but you were. Liam was the only one who knew, and he was helping you on the bus. As you and him sneakily made it past the driver, you creeped along into Niall’s bunk. “What? Who the fu- (Y/N)?!” He gasped, hugging you close. “Now Niall, I would hug you, but this bunk isn’t the biggest thing ever, you know..” You gasped for air, while he squished you in a hug. “Don’t act like you hate it!” He smirked, and you nodded, slipping of your coat and cuddling next to him.

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