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82. Morning After

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Niall: His soft snores awake you, head pounding from last night. As to how you got home, or even what you did was a mystery, until you sat up, pain radiating from your wrists, and pelvis. A small smile plays on your lips as Niall stirs next to you, probably still exhausted from the night before.

Liam:The smell of burnt something made you sit up, covering your nose. Liam wasn’t next to you, he must have been where the smell was coming from. “Babe?” you ask, as he walks through the door of the bedroom, balancing two bowls of cereal in his hands he smiles “Morning.” You laugh and take the bowl, smiling “Morning.”

Harry: Silence was all that filled the room, breaths barely audible. Staring into his eyes, he did the same as your fingers teased his forearm. He smiles and kisses your cheek, as you both remember the night before.

Zayn: Confusion washed over you, following with regret as you stared at the stranger next to you. He looked familiar, but that was only because you had come home with him last night. Whether you were going to try and sneak out, or confront this man you weren’t sure, but his arms so beckoning, made you lay back down, and close your eyes, leaving the decision making for later.

Louis: Warmth overwhelmed you, as you pushed him away. “God Lou, you’re like an oven.” you mumble, shoving your face back into the pillow. “Grumpy much?” he asks, still as tired as you were. Shoving him off the bed, he lands with a thud as you smirk. “Love you too babe.” he sighs, laying on the floor, not having the energy to get up.

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