14. you're first date together

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NIALL:  He takes you out to dinner at a casual resturant that you’d picked out.  When your food arrives at the table, you slowly start picking at it, trying to think of something else to talk about.  When you look up from your plate again, Niall has inhaled his entire plate of food.  You stare, stunned for a moment.  It takes everything you have in you not to look under the table for a dog that he might have fed the food to.  Niall looks at you sheepishly before saying, “Sorry, I’m nervous.  And when I’m nervous, I eat.”  You giggle and brush some of your food off your plate and onto his.  “It’s fine, I’m nervous too.”  Niall smiles at you appreciatively as you two strike up a conversation to carry on over your meal.

LIAM:  He surprises you by handing you a flower when you answer the door.  “Thank you so much,” you say graciously with a smile.  “You’re welcome.  Ready to go?” Liam asks you, returning the smile.  He doesn’t seem the least bit nervous, but you’re internally freaking out.  You hope and wish and pray that he doesn’t notice.  You nod, place the flower in a vase with some others that is sitting by your doorway, and then step out the door onto the front step to join Liam.  You thought he’d be a classic dinner-and-a-movie kind of guy, but he surprises you once more by taking you to an outdoor movie that’s playing in the local park.  You’d never been to one before and are immediately impressed that he even knew about it.  He lays out a blanket for you two to sit on.  You watch the beginning of the movie together, but have no idea what happens in the second half of the film because the two of you spend that time laying back on the blanket, looking up at the stars, and having flirty whispered conversations the whole time.

ZAYN:  When Zayn had picked you up, he’d been acting really shy, which you hadn’t been expecting.  It was endearing to see him looking all vulnerable, and it made you like him that much more.  He’d taken you for a walk down the beach that evening, the cool water licking at your feet as you strolled along the shoreline.  Now you’d just stopped for ice cream and are both happily licking away at your cones as you retreat back down the beach.  Zayn reaches over to grab your hand as you walk this time.  You beam up at him and the look on his face matches yours when he looks at you.  You keep walking, eating your ice cream, and talking.  At one point Zayn kicks some water up at your legs, which you naturally retaliate and do back to him.  It’s a simple date, but the best one you’ve been on with the best guy you’ve ever been out with.

HARRY:  “Perfect fit,” Harry muses, holding two bowling balls side-by-side in front of his crotch.  You laugh as you take one of the balls from him so you can bowl your next frame.  You normally don’t really care for bowling much, but Harry is managing to make the whole night entertaining.  First he’d nearly dropped a ball on his foot, then he’d almost fallen flat on his bottom when he overcompensated for a heavy swing, losing his balance.  Now he’s busy making sexual jokes with the balls.  It’s definitely a date you won’t soon forget.  You’re about to swing and let the ball go down the lane when suddenly your hand is void of any ball and Harry is jogging a tiny lap behind you, holding the ball that had just occupied your hand.  On his way back around he quickly moves in a bowls it for you, getting a whopping one pin down.  “Oh, you shouldn’t have,” you mockingly coo.  “You’re quite welcome,” he replies, making his way to the ball return to grab another ball with which to bowl his frame.

LOUIS:  Louis had taken you mini-golfing and at first the two of you had been having fun putting the balls into the holes.  But after about the sixth hole you’re both looking for a bit more entertainment.  On the seventh hole, you create a new game.  You bend down and attempt to bowl your little ball into the hole.  Louis follows suit, instantly liking you even more for your playfulness.  By the thirteenth hole, Louis has thought of something even better.  After you “bowl” your golfball, Louis “croquets” his against yours, pushing it to the edge of the hole.  He then kicks his like a soccer ball the rest of the way to the hole before kicking both balls in at once.  You laugh, loving that he is just as goofy and childlike as you are.  Other people on the mini-golf course keep shooting you weird looks for “not playing right” but you two are too caught up in your fun to even notice.

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