85. You Two Take A Bath Together

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Zayn: You sunk your body slowly into the steaming hot bubble bath you had poured yourself. You had had a long day at work, and there was nothing better to help with that than to come home and relax in the tub. You sighed as you felt the water wash over you. You slipped your neck into your floating pillow as you turned on the soft music you had set to play. You grabbed your book and started reading. You felt your eyes getting droopy and before you knew it, you were sound asleep. You woke up to Zayn kissing your forehead. “Did I fall asleep?” you asked, looking over at the clock. It was about twenty minutes later, and Zayn smiled and nodded. “I have been in here for fifteen minutes, just relaxing on the bench. I just wanted to make sure you were okay but I didn’t want to wake you, you looked peaceful” he smiled. You blushed and smiled, silently thanking him. “There’s room for one more” you smiled, and he smirked. “If you insist” he said, taking his shirt off. You scooted forward as he slipped in behind you and cuddled you against his chest. You spent an hour in the tub, talking about each other’s days, before the water got too cold and you two got out.

Louis: Louis was out for the night, so you decided to take the opportunity to have a girl night. You were going to deep condition mask your hair, take a bubble bath, shave your legs and do your nails. Usually you had Louis around while you did all that stuff, and he was not always the most patient. You got your hair mask on and shaved your legs before sinking into the tub. You took a picture of just your legs and tweeted it, writing ‘such a relaxing night, I need the tub time’. Your body sunk in until just your head was sticking out. Suddenly, out of no where, the door swung open. Louis was standing in the doorway with his swimsuit on and a floaty around his waist. “Are you joking?” you asked. Your tub was big, but it wasn’t that big. “Cannon ball?” Louis asked, and you shook your head. “No. Louis, no” you said as he set up. “Look, just get in” you said, and Louis smiled as he took off the floaty. “You gotta pay for these to come off” he said, pointing to the trunks. You rolled your eyes and smirked as he slid into the other side of the tub, facing you. “It’s not all bad” he said, as he took one of your feet and started massaging it. “Thank you” you whispered, letting your eyes roll into the back of your head as Louis continued his relaxing massage.

Niall: “I feel disgusting” you said, dropping your gym bag at the door. “I am so sore” Niall said, sliding down the wall. You two had just been to see your trainer, and neither of you expected the ass kicking you had received. “I actually feel like I should have lost ten pounds in that one session. How do people do this?” you asked, sliding on the bench across from Niall. “The worst is that people enjoy this? Did you see the guy!? He was laughing and cheering, like this is fun. Like we were going for ice cream. Wacko” Niall said, and your burst out laughing. “Stop it hurts” you giggled and Niall smiled and sighed. “Well, want to take a bath?” you asked, and Niall raised an eyebrow. “Together?” he asked, and you nodded. “Why waist the water? And the twelve cups of Epsom salts we’re going to use” you said, and Niall shrugged and nodded. You both stripped down and crawled into the warm water of the tub. You turned on the Jacuzzi jets. You sat on one side of the triangular tub, and Niall inched on to the side to your left. “What is the worst?” you asked, and Niall looked down. “My calfs” he said, and you took one up and massaged it under the water. “Want me to do your back?” he said, and you nodded with your eyes closed as he slid behind you and started massaging. After about forty minutes of soaking and massaging, Niall turned to you. “You know what else hurts?” he winked, and your eyes narrowed. “Soon, your pride” you smirked, getting out of the tub and slipping into your robe before going to bed.

Liam: “Liam!” you shouted from inside the bathroom. You could tell Liam had been stressed lately. With all the work with the new videos, tour planning and publicity, he was exhausted. So, you figured you would set up something that you knew would work. You got a nice, warm bath poured with bubbles and lavender oil. You had made a thermos of Liam’s favourite tea and set it, with a tea cup, next to the tub. You had relaxing thunderstorm noises playing and lavender candles lit to light up the room. Feminine? Yes. Relaxing? Definitely. Liam opened the door and you smiled. “You poured yourself a bath? It smells wonderful in here” he said, his face lack luster. “I poured it for you, silly” you smirked, and Liam’s eyes went wide. “For me!? Oh thank you Y/N” he said, kissing your cheek. “This is going to be so so nice” he said, stripping down and climbing in the tub. “Hope it makes you feel better babe” you smiled in the doorway. “Wait, you’re not getting in?” he asked, and you scrunched up your forehead. “Well, no. I thought I would do this for you” you said. “It would be even more relaxing if I got to spend time with you” Liam said, flashing his puppy dog eyes. “You don’t have to ask me twice, Li” you laughed and climbed in with him. You two laid in there and cuddled for what felt like hours. When you finally got out, you could tell Liam was a lot less tense and he couldn’t stop thanking you for being so thoughtful.

Harry: “Honey! I’m home!” Harry shouted across your flat, and you giggled. “Hey Fred!” you called back, and you heard him do an almost identical giggle. He came into the office and smiled, sitting across from you. “I bought us some treats” he said, waving a cloth bag in the air. “Oh, let’s see” you said, leaning on the desk. “Okay, first is…” he trailed off, pulling a bag out of his bag. “Bath bombs?” you asked questioningly. “It will make sense. Second is,” he continued, pulling the next item out, “bath crayons.” You smiled. You knew exactly where this was going. “Next is coloured bubble bath” he said, fishing out a bottle of purple bubble bath. “Promised to not dye your skin” he said with a thumbs up, and you smirked. “And last is two new robes. After the bath, naturally” he said, throwing you the towel robe. “When do we start?” you asked, looking at the fun stuff he had brought home. “Now” he said, grabbing your arm. You started taking your clothes off before even getting to the tub. Your bath tub was huge, and took so long to fill, you and Harry managed to get everything out of its packaging. You climbed into the purple bubbles and Harry joined you. You played tic tac toe and drew each other on the tiles. You threw the bath bombs in and watched them fizz. You were having so much fun you barely noticed the hour and a half pass. “I am done, I look like a raisin” you smirked, getting out. Harry rushed out and draped the robe on you. “Thanks King Harold” you laughed, and he smirked. “Let’s do this again some time” he said, patting your butt before you walked out of the bathroom.

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