101. He's Marrying Someone Else Part 1

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Harry - "and may Harry and his beautiful lady be very, very," Louis slurred a little at the end of his speech, "happy together…" he lulled back on his heels, finishing. You raised your own glass, shrugging under bright lights in the living room, music swelling at the same time Louis swallowed, patting Harry on the back. You watched the scene from where you stood, eyes unveiling, and you couldn’t help resting on Harry’s grin when he fell back, stumbling a little tipsy into the arms of his fiancee, holding him from slipping. She leant up to him, enough to murmur something by his ear. You swallowed heavily, and tipped the levelling dregs of your glass. 

"How you doing, (Y/N)?" You turned into Zayn when he murmured, swallowing and fixing a smile. 

"Yeah, good," you grinned over, "might need another one of these, though…"

"No," Zayn shook his head, leaning, the mantle of the fireplace taking weight. He nodded over to Harry, chatting animatedly with another couple from upstate, arms tucked around her shoulders, "I mean, how are you doing? Really…” you dropped your head, eyes down to focus on the scuffed toes of your shoes, “oh, yeah, still fine,” you shrugged, “it’s… yeah, I’m fine…”

"You should go talk to him," Zayn nodded, nudging you and even as you leant back, he playfully tugged you again, "go on…" he smirked, "just talk to him…"

You shook your head into taking steps, wandering after where he’d moved to, tapping him on the shoulder when you found him, slipped through congratulatory hand shakes on the other side of the room. ”Hey, you,” you peered up. 

"Hey," he crowed down, hugging you tightly with one arm, the other clasping his drink in a grip, "how’s my favourite girl?"

"Don’t you mean, Emily?" You winked, settling on your feet after he pulled out of the hug. You hastened to say something else, anything, "you excited or what? Only a week to go now."

"Pretty excited," he shook his head oddly, off to one side, "a bit nervous too," he bit his lip, shuffling his own curls with a hand up, "but I guess that’s normal…" he smiled down, his eyes doing something to you so you peered away again, "hey, you get your dress yet, (Y/N)?"

"Um, yeah," you beamed, biting down on some lame joke about it not being white, "yeah, it… it looks good. You’ll have to see me in it when you’re up there."

"I’m sure you’ll look incredible, (Y/N)," he leant in, to press his lips to your cheeks, graze of his jaw sliding along skin enough for you to jump back slightly, feeling him swallow near you, before settling back.

"Thanks," you murmured, and it was slow, quiet. 

"Alright, well," Harry smiled down, shaking himself ready, "better go get to everyone else. Thank them for coming all that. Emily does a pretty good job but I should probably go rescue her…" he kissed your cheek again, and all you found yourself managing was a shaky breath when his stubble grazed by you, "thanks again for coming. Means a lot to me."

"Yeah," you choked the singular word, watching him leave, again, "means a lot to me too…"

Liam - you padded down the hallway when the front door rang, tugging it wide, “I swear to God if you… oh, Liam…” you dropped back, shoulders dropping when you saw his face, hand still in a fist outstretched to knocking. He smiled shyly, like he was trying, stilling where he was on the front step. ”Hi…” he murmured, grinning nervously at the end. 

"Um, hi," you backed up a little, mouth agape before you could find yourself, "um, sorry, hi… I thought, um, thought you were someone else. Come on in."

"Cheers," he stepped past you, when you moved aside, "feels weird," he ducked his head on the way in, tugging a hat down from his head, "being invited into a place you used to live."

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