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112. You Have Children But Your Divorced

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Harry: “C’mon guys Daddy is waiting” you hurried your 5
year old son Daniel and your 1 year old daughter Darcy to Harry’s car. He was taking them for the weekend. You and Harry had divorced right after you conceived Darcy. Everything just got out of control he was going on tour you had just given birth to your baby girl and needed him to be there and help you with both of the kids, but it just ended in one big fight that led to divorce. “Daniel get in the car now!” When you finished placing Darcy on her car seat Daniel started complaining and didn’t want to get in the car. “Don’t make this difficult. Get in Dan” he pouted and shook his head no. You noticed Harry getting out of his Range Rover and coming behind you kneeling in front of Daniel. Now the same level as him. “We’re going to have fun we always do bud, why are you acting like this today?” Harry questioned the now teary eyed five year old. “My classmates tease me about having separated parents. It makes me feel sad and weird” he cried holding onto Harry’s long arms. Harry started gently stroking Daniel’s chocolate brown curls. You wiped a tear that was falling from your cheek hearing your son say those words. You kneeled next to Harry taking Daniel in your arms and rocking him on your lap. Harry got up leaving you alone with him. He went a bit further up in front of you where there was a lake you observed him carefully. He grabbed a rock and threw it across the air in anger, he rested his head against a tree in rage “SHIT, FUCKING HELL” he shouted at the top of his lungs causing you and Dan to jump of surprise.You just kept whispering to your baby boy sweet words trying to calm him down. Since Darcy was fast asleep.He sat down on the grass and buried his face in his knees. Sobbing. When did it all come crumbling down and you didn’t even notice?

Niall: “Niall don’t do this again please I have missed 4 dates with the same guy now because of you. You can’t just tell that you can’t watch over James the night, If you couldn’t you should’ve told me sooner. Ugh” you let out a stressed sigh. You and Niall got a divorce about a year ago. He was always getting drunk and coming late, it was no environment for James. “I’m sorry” he whispered. You hang up the phone and threw it on the couch. Why does he have to be so difficult. You went upstairs and got changed texting Tyler, your date that you wouldn’t be able to make it. “James daddy can’t come tonight” you pouted at your 7 year old. “Aw. Well lets watch a movie momma” you nodded and played Toy Story, he’s favorite. 30 minutes in the movie there was a knock on the door. “Wait here” you told James. You went downstairs and opened the door. It was Niall. “So now you show up” you rolled your eyes at him. “Go get dressed, I’ll take James” he entered the flat, hands in his pockets. “Thank you, thank you” you jumped and ran upstairs. “James baby, your dads here” he squealed in excitement and ran to Niall’s arms in the living room. When you finished getting ready once again you went down to see Niall and James waiting for you so they could leave. Niall’s jaw dropped when he saw you. “Wow” he breathed. You giggled. You still loved him, but he had to change before any second chances. I mean he was amazing still is but he’s drinking became a problem. You kissed James forehead and whispered “I love you,see you on Sunday” he smiled and hugged you so tight as if not wanting to let go. “Do I look good Ni” the nickname slipped from your lips, but it wasn’t a problem for him he enjoyed it. It was long ago when he last heard it from your mouth. He smiled. “Beautiful Princess” your body shivered at his words. The nickname he also had for you which he hadn’t used since James was 4. You couldn’t help the tear that rolled down your cheek. You quickly wiped it off. “Well I should go, Tyler’s waiting” James too caught up on his iPod to pay attention. “Tyler huh. That’s the prick your going on a date with.” He pulled you by your arm. Foreheads touching. “Stay.” He whispered. You gulped. Nervously flicking your vision around all of his face except his eyes. You knew if you looked at them you would melt and be his again.

Zayn: Tears covered yours and Zayn’s faces as you conversed with your son for the last time. He was dying of cancer, it was his last day. He was so ill. Weak. Desperate to get better. He was 13. Aiden. You and Zayn divorced when he was 11 because you just fought a lot it wasn’t good for Aiden he even got depressed for a whole year between the divorce and fights. 2 months in his 13 years the doctors announced he had brain cancer it was the third month now and the last. You jelled onto his right hand and Zayn held onto his left one. “Mom, Dad I want you guys to promise me something” he barely could speak. It came out as the lowest whisper ever to have reached your ears. “Yes anything” Zayn said. You nodded wiping a tear away. “First, dad I want you to stop smoking” “of course, I’ll do anything” he cried. Aiden smiled “Lastly, I want you to win mom back. Sweep her off her feet again, I know she still loves you she said on the phone last week” he chuckled, he thought you couldn’t hear that sentence, but oh so well you could. “You love her too. I know is a lot to ask and if it doesn’t work out then its okay don’t feel bad, I just want you to try” You and Zayn did want to work things out but when Aiden got cancer and Zayn had to cancel tour you did t have time it was the last thing on your mind. “I promise” Zayn stated. Aiden looked at both of you and smiled “I’m going to miss you guys a lot. I love you-” his voice broke as the heart machine started making a loud beeping noise pronouncing his death. You cried and shouted his name. The nurse had to get you out, Zayn as well you were both a wreck.

Liam: Liam and you were really good friends and very close still after the divorce. You divorced because you had different parenting ways and it became a conflict. You both still loved each other you had admitted it to him and vise versa not long ago. You were now at your 18 year old sons rehearsal. He was a teen heartthrob, Stefan Payne. You laughed loudly at a joke Liam told. “Yeah I’m sure shed date you, ha in your dreams Payne” “hey! Look who’s talking, you were my wife remember? Not to show off but I think I was a good husband” he chuckled “yeah you were. But I don’t think she’ll date you” you two argued play fully. “Well if you go on a date with me it’ll make her jealous and she’ll definitely date me.” You stopped laughing. “Are you serious?” “Hey dad come here for a sec!” Stefan called interrupting you two. Liam couldn’t answer. But from a long distance away he shouted “think about it!” You laughed, but actually considerate it. Just to make her jealous right?

Louis:”They were good, you know screaming, jumping and a lot of stuff. I enjoy the movie marathons thought” he pointed out. Your 3 year old girl Alexa and your 2 year old Louis Jr. running around the whole flat. “Good, do you want to stay for dinner?” “Oh no I can’t” he said. You frowned “c’mon things didn’t end up that bad between us did they?” You chuckled nervously. “Y/N I cheated” both of you staring at the floor. “I was trying to forget that, how is she anyways and the baby?” You questioned “They’re good but I love and miss you guys more” with that he left your doorstep and off he went.

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