110. You're Marrying Someone Else part 1

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Harry - you finished your drink, letting the dregs of champagne slide past your tongue and down your throat as you swallowed, the taste lingering until you could swallow again. You looked nervously around the crowded room, Sean’s arm slid into fitting around your waist, holding you close to his side, “yeah, no, it’s been a really good week, we’re both really happy right now, aren’t we, babe?”

"Yeah," you smiled upwards, catching your own expression and letting it all widen, loosen like the party around you. You blinked a few times before you caught your voice back, "if you’ll excuse me for a second." You pecked Sean’s cheek and slipped away from him, pressing yourself tight to weave through bodies in the busy living room. You stopped on the other side, "hey, Louis."

He turned, “(Y/N),” he smiled, taking your waist for a second, “congratulations again. Big night, huh?”

"Yeah," you leant back from him, smiling, "thanks, Lou. Hey, um, so… is… is Harry here? Did he make it?"

"He’s around here somewhere," Louis shrugged, craning his neck. You looked where he was, scanning every face that seemed the same, until you spotted him, taking quietly to your mother.

You dropped your eyes down from watching, “how, um, how is he?”

"He’s…" Louis shrugged again, "he’s doing okay… still won’t really talk about it or you and it took him a lot to come him tonight, but he’s… he’ll be okay… I mean, you moved on, so he can as well, right?"

You chanced looking again, catching his eyes this time, from across the room. They saw something in you that you didn’t know you were showing, and it made you self-conscious for a moment. He lowered his head, his lips moving in words quiet and soft, eyes narrowing around watching you, softening before they widened again. He moved his drink from one hand to the other, his fingers sliding before he raised one hand to pinch his bottom lip, eyes tilting almost at your gaze and what it did. Louis tilted his head at the way you were staring, clearing his throat, “you… you did move on, right… (Y/N)?”

"Right, right," you shook your head of it, looking back at Louis quickly, "sorry, I just… I’m happy, Louis, I am."

Liam - you dropped your head as you walked, too caught in anything you were worrying about to see where you were going. You walked with your feet a little heavy, meandering a little the way you moved along the sidewalk, brushing hair off your shoulder as you did. You shuffled your bag on one arm, too lost in your own thoughts that you didn’t see the front door to the coffee shop swinging open ahead of you. You knocked back a little from the figure stepping out, stumbling over your own feet, so he yelped and leant down to catch you, “whoa, hang on… (Y/N)?”

"Crap," you fumbled, finding your feet in his arms, "L-Liam?"

"Yeah," he breathed, letting you go when he knew you could stand, "wow, how are you?"

"Yeah, good," you looked up, smiling. You peered around, "I forgot you always come here when you’ve got time off," you squinted your eyes against the sun overhead, finding Liam, "how… how are you?"

"Good," he grinned, "hang on…" he murmured quietly, taking your arm and helping you away from the door. He let go when you stopped walking with him, "so, I, um…" he watched his coffee cup in his hands, "I saw on Twitter that you got engaged, that’s, um…" he stopped talking for a moment, smiling down to catch your eyes, "that’s really cool, (Y/N)."

"Oh…" you bit your own lip, "you saw that? I guessed you would’ve…"

"Yeah," Liam didn’t know what to say for a minute, "well, Ben’s a great guy anyway," he hurried out when he could, "and, you know, I’ve got Sarah, so we’re all…" he worried his eyes when he spoke, "we’re all happy here."

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