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18. He Sees You In Your Wedding Dress For The First Time

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LIAM:  The doors at the back of the church open and you’re finally revealed to those gathered to see you and Liam marry.  Your smile is wide as your eyes fix right on Liam’s at the end of the aisle.  As you get closer to the end of the aisle, you notice Liam’s biting his lower lip to keep it from trembling, and tears are beading at the corner of each eye.  He’s trying desperately hard to hold it together, but as you reach the end and come to stand next to him, he can’t hold it back anymore and the tears slide quickly down his cheeks.  “You look beautiful,” he mouths to you.  You beam at him, mouthing back, “I love you.”  “I love you too,” he silently replies.  As the ceremony carries on, you and Liam keep stealing glances at each other, and it doesn’t go unnoticed when he trails his gaze up and down the length of your body a few times.

ZAYN:  In a slight moment of panic, you rush into the room where Zayn and the boys have been getting ready.  “Nope, we can’t let you in here, sorry, [Y/N],” Louis states firmly as he and Harry guard the door.  “Pleasejust let me talk to Zayn,” you beg, and after taking one look at your tear-stained face, they step aside and exit the room with Liam and Niall in tow.  “What’s going on, baby?” he questions, rushing over and pulling you into his arms.  You take a deep shaky breath and simply say, “I know we wanted to wait until I walk down the aisle, but I needed to see you - you’re the only one who can calm my nerves.”  He smiles, replying, “It’s ok.”  He hugs you for a moment before saying, “You know, you look absolutley gorgeous and I cannot believe I’m lucky enough to be spending the rest of my life with you.”  This does the trick of bringing a smile to your face and soothing your shaky hands.

NIALL:  You send one of your bridesmaids out to deliver a message to Niall telling him to come to the room you’re in.  There’s a light knocking on the door and your heart begins to race.  “Come in,” you answer barely loud enough to be heard.  Niall cracks the door open a bit and his breath catches in his throat.  “Wow…you look…” he trails off, not knowing the right word to fully express just how great you look.  Your face hurts from the wide smile that spreads across it.  “You look pretty great yourself,” you muse as he steps into the room.  “Wow…” he breathes out again.  He picks your hands up as he steps closer for a better look at you.  “I cannot wait to marry you and officially make you mine forever,” he states, stepping in a bit more and resting his forehead against yours.  You blush lightly under his intense gaze.  He chuckles and kisses the tip of your nose lightly.  “Ready to do this?” he asks.  “More than ready,” you confirm.  He kisses your lips before leaving the room to take his place in front of your guests.

LOUIS:  You hear the music start, and after taking a big breath you give a nod and the doors open.  The second you lay eyes on Louis at the front of the church, your nerves vanish and your eyes lock on him.  Your cheeks ache from the massive smile you’re wearing and you can tell his feel the same.  You’ve never seen him smile so wildly as he is now watching you walk towards him.  His eyes only falter from yours twice, and that’s when he drops them to your figure to give you the once-over.  Each time he does, you see his eyes dance a bit.  As you take your place next to him on the altar, he mouths a simple, “Wow,” to which you blush immensely.  He reaches up and gently strokes your now-pink cheek, beaming at you lovingly.  At the first chance he gets, he whispers, “You look absolutely amazing, baby.”  You whisper a quick thanks, feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.

HARRY:  You and Harry had agreed to meet by the fountain outside your venue for a little pre-wedding time together.  You’d been anxiously looking forward to a nice romantic ten or fifteen minutes spent together.  He takes one look at you in your dress and his jaw hits the floor.  Pleased by his reaction, you do a quick twirl.  As you come back around to face him again, you see that he’s shaking his head, disapprovingly.  “What’s wrong?” you question, growing worried.  “The dress…it’s all wrong.”  “What?!” you begin to panic.  He nods in confirmation.  “We’ll just have to get you out of it and start from scratch,” he tells you devillishly, pulling you in close to envelope your mouth in his.  You laugh into the kiss, batting at his chest.  When you pull away you scold, “You really had me scared for a second!”  He chuckles and replies sweetly, “You look better than I ever could have even imagined, trust me.”

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