131.BSM - You're Little And Have A Crush On One Of The Boys.

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Zayn:   (age 4) You sat lazily watching Spongebob reruns. "(YN)? Where are you babes?" Your brother called, snapping you back into reality. "Here Zaynie!" you yelled back. He smiled and walked in to the living room. "The boys are coming over, so-" before he could even finish the sentence you were running up to your room picking out a nice dress to impress Liam. Yes, you always had a tiny crush on him. You finally changed quickly enough because Zayn was already coming in. "Why'd you run upstairs? Oh, and why are you all dressed up, eh?" He chuckled, almost as if he knew. "No reason? Yes! No reason." You answered back, not too sure about your reply. Zayn raised an eyebrow. "Fine! Me trying to impress Li!" You groaned and Zayn 'ohhh' ed in response. When the boys were here you were pretty sure Zayn told Liam, because Liam was spending a lot of time with you. But you didn't question it, you were happy.

Harry:   (age 4) "Why are you fancied up hmm?" He playfully asks, ticklin you sides gently. "Because she has a c-r-u-s-h on your best mate!" Your mum spoke for you. Harry nodded. Soon Louis was over at your house. "(YN)? A little birdie told me you have a crush on me!" Louis smirked. Your mouth made the shape of an 'o' and you turned to Harry, glaring at him. "Is that birdie my stupid brother?" you sassed at Harry. Louis looked at him with eyes. "Oh well love, I was going to ask you if wanted to be my girlfriend?" he smiled. "No." You slyly smiled, cheeky one you are. "Why not?" "Because of El-bear! And I don't like you lik that anymore!" you shrugged. You skipped away and went to your room. "Talk about sassy! Lets get the other boys over, eh Haz?"

Liam:   (age 3) You ran and screamed down the backstage halls in excitement. Liam thought you were hurt and ran after you. "(YN)? What's wrong?!" he asked. "Me and Nialler are getting mawied!" You squealed. You bounced up and down shaking your curls all over the place. "Niall, eh?" He laughed, knowing it was a big joke. "Yes look!" you smiled, pointing to the drawn ring on your tiny finger. He smiled, before saying "Well, we better tell the other boys and get ready for your wedding!" You nodded quickly. The rest was history.

Louis:   (age 3) For the whole week all you would talk about is Harry, Harry and Harry. "Bug? Why are you so obsessed with Harry all of a sudden?" He suspiciously asked. "I like Harry!" you whispered pressing your chubby little finger to your lips, and shushing him, making him aware not to tell anyone. "OOOOHHH! This is good" he smirked, annoying you. "Shushie!" you hushed Louis. The next day, Harry came over and you were all dressed up. "So, before we start anything, (YN) will you be my girlfriend?" You gasped, "YES!" You ran around. You raised an eyebrow, "Louis?" you glared. He just shrugged.

Niall:   (age 2) You smiled, finally you were in the arms of your favourite a Uncle, Harry. You played with his curls when you suddenly blurted out "Boyfriend?" And his eyes nearly popped out of his head. "Where'd you hear that bug?" "Louis!" Harry rolled his eyes, it was likely Louis said something like that. "Okay, I'll be your boyfriend!" He smiled, playing along. He knew if be didnt you would be upset. "Niall?!" Harry yelled. Your brother came in. "Yes?" "Meet my girlfriend!" "Where is she?" "Here!!" You nearly screamed, out of excitement of course. I mean who doesn want to be Harry's girlfriend? "No! No way!" he sternly said. You done your puppy eyes. "Not until your at least 18. But don't worry! That's not so far away!" he smiled, and you mirrored his actions. "HARRY! We have to bweak up! But don worry! Wen I 18 okay?" He nodded and held in his laughs.

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