28. You Walk In On Him Changing

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LIAM: You thought you’d surprise your boyfriend with a pizza and movie night after the long week he’s had.  You sneak into the house quietly to drop the pizza and movie onto the kitchen counter.  You hear footsteps padding towards you from the other room and when you look up, about to shout “surprise!” you see your boyfriend in his underwear, holding his belt above his head in one hand.  As soon as he sees it’s you, he lowers the belt and heaves a sigh of relief.  “[Y/N], it’s just you!  I thought someone had broken in!”  You scan your boyfriend’s mostly naked body and arch an eyebrow.  “And how exactly would you being naked have stopped a burglar?”  “I was in the middle of getting changed, and heard someone in the kitchen, so I grabbed my belt and came out,” he explains as a light blush creeps into his cheeks.  You just laugh and shake your head as you start pulling out plates and he goes back into the bedroom to finish changing his clothes.

ZAYN: You’re sitting in the living room, waiting for Zayn to get ready for your date tonight.  He was late coming home from the studio, so you had already been dressed and ready to go when he arrived home.  You hear his voice drifting through the hallway, and at first you assume he’s on the phone.  Then you realize he’s repeating the same couple of phrases over and over again.  Curious, you get up and walk towards the bedroom.  The door is cracked open just enough for you to see your boyfriend standing in front of the full-length mirror wearing nothing but his underwear and a tie, praising himself on how good looking he is.  You begin laughing hysterically and push the door open the rest of the way.  “Is this your ‘getting ready’ routine?” you ask through your fits of laughter.  He just stands there like a deer caught in headlights and gives a gentle, one-shoulder shrug.

NIALL: You and Niall had been eagerly awaiting his return home from tour so that you could spend his first night back together, watching movies wrapped up in each others arms.  You had been waiting all day for the text to say that he was home and ready for you to come over.  Impatience getting the best of you, you decide to go shopping to try to pass the time.  By the time you get the text, you are just a couple blocks away from Niall’s house and are able to zip right over there.  You let yourself into the house, expecting to find him waiting for you, but he’s nowhere to be found.  “Niall?” you call out, but don’t get a response.  He’s not in the kitchen, living room, dining room…so you make your way towards his bedroom.  The door is cracked open the slightest bit, so you grab the knob and open it up, much to Niall’s surprise.  He’s standing there beet red, attempting to cover himself up.  “Oh, sorry, I-“  “How did you get here so fast?!” he cuts you off.  “I was shopping nearby, so I just came right over.”  “I thought I’d have more time.  That’ll teach me to change my clothes after texting you,” he jokes weakly before you chuckle and close the door to let him finish dressing.

LOUIS: You and Louis are enjoying the first afternoon of your weekend getaway to the beach.  After playing in the sand and sun all day, you’re back at the hotel to clean up and get ready to grab some dinner.  You head into the bathroom to take a shower, leaving Louis to get ready in the main room.  He’s already showered and walking around in his towel, waiting for you to retreat to the bathroom so he can get dressed.  As soon as you shut the door to the bathroom, you realize you left your loofa in your bag on your bed.  You open the door to grab it really quickly, not expecting Louis to already be standing there naked, but he is.  He turns around calmly and says, “Oops, sorry, babe.  Weren’t expecting you back so soon.”  He casually pulls the towel back around his waist.  It takes you a moment to register what had just happened.  “Right, yeah, sorry about that.  I just needed my… Yeah…” Feeling more embarrassed about what had just happened than he obviously does, you grab your loofa and beeline it back into the bathroom.

HARRY: You receive a text from Harry one afternoon asking you to come over and hang out for a bit since he has some unexpected down time and wants to see you.  Elated to be able to spend this extra time with your boyfriend, you zip right over to his house.  You let yourself in and call out his name to announce your arrival.  Harry rounds the corner into the room wearing absolutely nothing.  “Again, Harry?  Really?”  “I didn’t feel like putting any clothes on yet,” he says flashing you a cheeky grin.  You laugh at your boyfriend’s antics.  It’s just so typical Harry.

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