58. He Touches Your Boobs

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Harry: You went bra shopping with Harry at Victoria Secret. You were looking for a good strapless bra for the dress you were going to wear to the upcoming charity event with Harry. You walk out of the stall and ask "How does this one look?" Harry is memorized by the way your boobs look. His mouth is slightly open and his eyes look glazed over. "Helllooo... Earth to Haz... you wave a hand in his face. "Uh.. yea,, erm looks GREAT babe." "Really Haz. Alright you can squeeze them once and then I need you to focus," "DEAL!"

Liam: You and Liam were going on a saturday outing and you were wearing your favorite tank top, denim shorts, and your gladiator sandals. Your tank top was a bit on deep v-neck side, but you didn't think anything of it until you kept watching Liam sneak glances of your boobs. You were waiting to see if he would keep "sneaking glances" or act on it. Finally he got so worked up he blurted "Ok Hun, your breasts look fabulous may I just graze my hands over them... only if it alright with you though."

Louis: Louis was downstairs waiting for you to drop you off at your best friends house so you could plan a surprise birthday party for your other friends birthday. You are in the middle of getting dressed when you hear "HELP! (Y/N) BABY PLEASE SOME QUICK!" you rush down the stairs half dressed with your pants unzipped and your only in your bra. You rush over to Louis who is lying his back on the floor. "BABE WHAT HAPPENED!?" you ask worriedly and he clutches both your boobs and gives them a squeeze. "Hehe! I was dying of the loss of your boobs not in my hands." He gave you the biggest, cheesiest, grin you've ever seen. "Omg, Lou, your ridiculous. Can I finish get dressed now?, just give them an extra squeeze so I can finish without you bothering me."

Zayn: *BEEP* *BEEP* "Crap. I gotta get up!" You rush out of bed and run to your closet and start throwing stuff out of your closet. You have absolutely no aim so your clothes are all over the room. You finally find something decent to wear to your job interview and rush into the bathroom to brush your teeth, do your hair and makeup and things of that nature. Your freaking out because you don't want to be late, that's when you see Zayn emerge from the pile of clothes that was thrown on top of him and he starts walking towards you."GRR... Zombie Zayn! I eat your brains!" He was chanting while having his eyes clothes still coming towards you. His arms were straight out like the stereotypical zombie would have. As you turn to leave out the bathroom Zayn's hands graze your boobs and you can't help but laugh because he's not moving them away. "Um, Zombie Zayn... I think its time to remove your hands off my jubbles." "GRR... Zombie Zayn... can not move hands. They stuck." he says in his fail attempt at a zombie voice. "Well, since they seem to be stuck on my jubbles, how about I help you remove your hands?" with that you lift his hands off your breasts and finish get ready because you are still in a rush.

Niall: You are in a wonderful sleep, but you have never been much of a deep sleeper. You feel something on your body but don't want to check because your sleep is so good. Finally, it gets to the point were you can't sleep because not knowing what it was, was starting to annoy you. You open your eyes to see Niall's hands massaging your breasts. You try to contain your laugh, but it slips out. Immediately, Niall pulls his hands away and tries to act like he is sleeping. You laugh at his adorableness because he was caught. You roll over to him so your the bigger spoon, and whisper to him, "It's ok hun, I find it very cute that my boobies help you fall asleep." He chuckles and replies "I'm sorry, are ya mad?" "No babe, I love you." you reach over and give him a kiss on the cheek.

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