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90. You Dated A Celebrity Before Him

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Liam: You and Liam decided to go to a charity gala to support cancer research. It was a star studded events, and a lot of big names were going to be there. You put on your gown and heels, before walking out to meet Liam. You two got in a limo and went to the event. As you stepped out, people were taking pictures of you two and you smiled. You had become accustomed to this life, almost like a Stepford Wife of the stars. You knew to link arms with Liam and smile pretty, nodding occasionally when Liam would answer a question. As you walked into the ballroom, you noticed many faces you recognized from TV. Then you saw a familiar one. “Is that Chace?” you asked yourself, but Liam responded. “Yeah, the guy from Gossip Girl” he said. You smiled. “We used to date” you told Liam, with a reminiscing tone. “You? You dated him? Great…” Liam said, feeling self-conscious.  “Don’t even!” you said, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Just then, Chace noticed you. “Y/N?” he asked. “Hey Chace” you smiled. “You look absolutely gorgeous” he said, looking you up and down, “Wow, Y/N” he finished. “This is my wonderful boyfriend Liam” you said and Chace snapped out of it. “Boyfriend… Nice to meet you” he said and stuck his hand out. Liam looked at his hand and took yours instead. “Likewise. Let’s find our seats” Liam said. “Sounds great,” you said, fighting laughter, “See ya Chace.” You waved as you two walked to your seat.

Zayn: You and Zayn were out shopping on Oxford Street. You both needed some new clothes for the colder weather. You walked out of French Connection and walked right into someone. Zayn, who had held the door for you, let out a chuckle. “I am so sorry about th-Shia?” you said, looking up. There stood your exboyfriend Shia Labeouf. You had dated when you were really young, and he was your first serious thing. “Y/N! How are you sweetie?” he asked, giving you a hug. “I’m great, what brings you to London?” you asked, breaking the hug. “I’m here filming. You live here right? Totally forgot or I would have looked you up and we could have gone to dinner, just like old times” he smiled a mischievous smile. You felt a hand on your waist and you knew Zayn was in protective mode. “Shia, this is my boyfriend Zayn” you said, and turned your face up to Zayn’s. “Nice to meet you” Zayn said politely. “Oh, you too. I should be going, I don’t have long to shop. I will see you around, Y/N.” Shia rushed away and Zayn gave you a kiss.

Louis: You and Louis were in Canada for the Much Music Video Awards. You had already walked the red carpet and One Direction had done their performance. You were watching from off stage as Justin Bieber was up on stage. You had dated him for a little while before he hit the big time. Now he was with Selena and you were with Louis, but you couldn’t help but think of how funny it turned out. “The nominees for best group are” he announced. You watched as The Wanted, Fun., Train, Maroon Five and, finally, One Direction went by on the screen. You crossed your fingers as Louis held your hip.  “The winners are…” Justin said, opening the envelope. “The One Direction boys!” he shouted and the crowd went wild. Louis pecked your cheek before going out with the boys. They made a speech before heading back to the wing. Justin followed, and he walked right up to you. “Y/N, it is a pleasure to see you hun!” he says and you smile “You too, Justin. How’re things?” “Things are good, just moved in with Selena so that’s a big step” he smiled. It was cool that you could talk about your current significant others without it being awkward. “You’re with Louis right?” Justin asked, nodding over at the group of boys hugging. “Yeah, a year in two weeks” you smiled. “Well, congratulations. It was nice seeing you, I should go” Justin said, walking away. Louis came over to you immediately and made you repeat the conversation. “That boy’s lucky I didn’t get Zayn to beat him up” Louis said, crossing his arms. You laughed and wiggled your way into his arms.

Harry: “I am going to the Brits, can’t even believe it” you said to your best friend over the phone. “I know girl, I’m so jealous! But question, do you think Rob might be there?” You went from excited to nervous. What if your ex boyfriend Robert Pattinson was there. “It’s more a music thing though. I don’t know if he will be there” you said, knowing that he would still probably go. He was in London filming a new movie, and it would be good for his image if he went to some British events. “You know he will be” your friend said and you sighed. “Y/N, kitten, are you ready?” Harry called out. “Yep!” you shouted to him, “Gotta go, I’ll text you!” you told your friend and hung up. You went out to the limo and sat clutching Harry’s hand. “So, do you think actors will be there tonight?” you asked, trying to be innocent. “Probably, it’s a music thing but actors show up” Harry said, and you nodded. The limo picked up the other boys and their girlfriends and you went to the venue. As you got out of the limo, your suspicions were confirmed. Robert was just up the carpet. You pulled Harry in close. “Look, I have to confess something quick. I dated Robert Pattinson right before he did Twilight. It was for a few months, then we just kind of stopped.” You finally took a breath. Harry looked at you and laughed. “You are full of surprises” he said, and Robert turned and saw you. He literally jogged down the red carpet towards you. Harry took your hand as he approached. “Y/N! I figured you would be here! How are you?” he asked, kissing your cheeks. “I’m well, thanks Rob. This is Harry, my boyfriend.” “Hey man, nice to meet you” Robert said, and Harry shook his hand. “While I’m here we should all get together. The three of us.” You nodded, and Harry smiled. “Alright, I should go. Y/N, you look absolutely exquisite” he says, kissing your cheek again. He walked away. “What a bloody goof” Harry says. You burst out in laughter. “Let’s get your exquisite butt inside” he said, laughing, as you walked in the venue.  

Niall: “We’re here with Niall Horan from One Direction and his lovely girlfriend Y/N” Chris Moyles announced. You smiled, and Niall kissed your cheek. “So, Y/N, let’s talk about you for a second” Chris said. “That’s my favorite subject” Niall said, and you could practically hear the awes of teen girls listening. You laughed lightly in the microphone. “You, my dear, have been linked to someone else in showbiz.” You and Niall smirked. It had surfaced last week that you had dated Channing Tatum when you were younger, before meeting Niall. You had only been 18 at the time, and he was much older than you. You kept it secret because of it, but of course Directioners could uncover the deepest of secrets. “So, what happened there?” “Well, basically, we dated. Then we stopped. Then he made Magic Mike and I met Niall.” That was the short version and Niall knew it, gripping your hand tightly. “Well, you’ll never believe who we have in studio today” Chris said smirking. You knew the answer, but you played along. “Who?” you said. “Channing Tatum, he is right outside that door.” Niall tensed up. “How would you feel about having him come sit in for a bit. You looked at your boyfriend. “Up to Niall” you said, looking back at Chris. “What do you say, mate?” Niall shifted in his chair. “Sure, why not!” he said, trying to sound excited. The door opened and in walked Channing Tatum. He sat next to you. “Hey Chris, what’s up?” “Not a whole lot mate, talking to your ex and her new beau” he laughed. “Awkward” Niall whispered, and you giggled. “Yeah really” Channing said, staring straight ahead. “So, you dated Y/N” Chris said, prompting him for more information. “Yeah, she pretty much covered it other than that I was brutal to her. She was young and I just left her at the drop of a hat. I feel really guilty about it and I wish I hadn’t done it.” Niall’s hand was tight on you. Was he saying he wanted you back? It was so long ago. You just nodded. “But she’s happy with Niall and if she’s happy then I’m happy. She deserves the moon, such a great girl. Niall and her work well together, better than we did.” Niall loosened up. “Thanks a lot mate” he said, reaching across and shaking Channing’s hand. “Aww, this is nice” you said. “That was like an episode of Hollyoaks unfolding right in front of me” Chris said, and everyone laughed. “Well, thanks for being on the show Niall and Y/N. I hope to see you again soon” “Yeah for sure” Niall smiled. “We’ll be right back” Chris said, and the interview ended. You left clinging to your boyfriends arm and you couldn’t be happier it was Niall. 

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