47. He Wins Over Your Parents

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HARRY: Your parents had never been fond of Harry.  Being that he is such a public figure, his reputation as the “ladies man” hadn’t slipped past them.  Nothing he’d done through the almost year and a half that you’ve been together had been enough to prove that he’s much more than some inaccurate reputation portrays him to be.  You’re at his house the afternoon that you get the call to say that your uncle had been in a motorcycle accident and is in the hospital.  Naturally, he goes with you to the hospital to be with your family and see your uncle.  After several hours, it’s determined that your uncle will be able to head home within the next couple of days, but that he would need round-the-clock care for a few weeks until his injuries have subsided enough for him to be able to care for himself completely again.  The relatives immediately dive into trying to figure out who can be with him when.  “I’ll obviously be there in the early mornings and evenings and overnight, but someone will have to be there with him when I’m at work,” your aunt frets.  Your mom, an overnight nurse at another hospital, says, “Well I can be with him during the days where I don’t work back to back nights…”  “That still leaves those few days though, and everyone else works during the day…” Your aunt states, beginning to bite at her thumb nail.  “I have the next nine days off…I can be with him during the day then,” Harry pipes up.  Everyone turns to look at him.  “You would do that?” your dad questions.  “Of course,” he says with a shrug as though it should be obvious.  “And even once those nine days are up, I have a decent amount of days free, so I’m sure we could work it all out somehow.”  “You’re a good man, Harry.  Thank you,” your dad compliments gratefully, and your mother gives an approving nod and smile.  In that moment, you know there won’t be a doubt in your parents’ minds that Harry is more than some stupid repuation makes him out to be, and that he’s there for you and your family whenever they may need him.

LOUIS:  “Oh my God!” your sister freaks out as she enters the room.  “What’s wrong?” you question, biting into a chip drenched in onion dip.  “The clown that I hired to be here today just called to cancel.  The party starts in ten minutes and now I have no entertainment for the kids,” she wails dramatically.  “Alright, so what?  Is it really that big of a deal?  I could run out and grab some art supplies and the kids could make crafts instead,” you suggest.  “Or play games.  There are lots of fun ones that I remember playing when I was their age,” Louis adds on.  “You don’t understand - he had his heart set on a clown coming to his party.  I promised my son a clown and now that stupid clown is gonna make a liar out of me!” she whispers harshly so as not to be overheard.  “Do you have a clown costume around here somewhere?  From Halloween or something?” Louis asks.  “I think so, why?”  “Dig it out…he wants a clown, he’s gonna get a clown,” Louis responds simply.  About an hour later, after all the kids have had pizza and cake, and once you’ve had time to get a goofy clown face painted onto Louis, he finally makes his grand appearance and the kids go nuts.  Louis hams it up, loving getting to act so goofily without people telling him to act his age and be more mature.  Once his little show is done, you go with him into the bathroom to help him wash his face.  You hear a light rapping on the door, followed by, “[Y/N]?  Louis?  Can I come in for a second?”  You open the door so your mother can join you.  “Thank you, Louis, for doing that for us.  The kids really loved it.”  “Anytime.  I had fun doing it.  If I ever decide it’s time for a career change, I think I know my second-calling,” he jokes.  Your mom actually cracks a smile at this, which is surprising since she’s always nagging you about needing to find someone more grown up.  “Actually, that’s the main reason I wanted to talk to you.  I wanted to apologize to you both for always making such a big deal over your sense of humor and fun approach to life.  Turns out, that’s exactly what we needed today and I’m glad you were the one to help us out with that,” she sincerely tells Louis.  You just smile and nod, knowing that from here on out, she’ll finally accept Louis as he is.

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