8.He Meet You're Parents For The First Time

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LIAM:  Liam frets over his suitcoat for the hundredth time in the last ten minutes.  You flash him a reassuring smile, stepping in front of him to tighten his tie up a bit for him.  “Don’t be nervous, they’ll love you.”  “I sure hope so,” he states doubtfully.  You give him a kiss, hoping to settle his nerves a bit.  “You ready to go?” you ask.  “No,” he admits before letting you take him by the hand and lead him out of the house and to the car.  His palms are sweaty by the time you make it to the restuarant and get out of the car.  You enter the doors and see your parents seated at a table in the corner.  You weave your way across the room through the tables until you make it to your destination.  Liam’s fears quickly melt away as he introduces himself to your parents and realize they aren’t as intimidating as he had made them out to be in his head.

ZAYN:  You’d brought Zayn along to join your family for dinner one night at your parents’ house.  Things with your mom had gone over well, but he’d been having a hard time winning over your dad.  Your dad is glaring at him from across the room, trying to break him down.  Your dad has always been a toughie in that way.  Your mom is busying herself in the kitchen getting things prepared for the meal.  She calls to you for some assitance.  You rise and join your mother, leaving the two men alone in the awkward, burdening silence of the room.  Zayn clears his throat uncomfortably under your father’s gaze, running his palms down his thighs to free them of the moisture.  “I like you,” your dad speaks finally, approvingly.  “You do?” Zayn asks in disbelief.  Your dad nods slowly.  “You make her happy, I can tell.  Now just don’t screw that up or we’ll have a problem.  Got that?” your dad threatens, pointing a menacing finger at Zayn.  “Got it,” Zayn promises as you call them into the kitchen for dinner.

LOUIS: Halfway through the meal, Louis is charming the pants off your mom - she’s always had a soft spot for the goofballs - and seemingly winning your dad over as well.  Everyone is laughing and having a fantastic time.  After dinner, as your dad takes Louis aside to show off his prized coin collection, you and your mom chat in the kitchen while you get dessert set out.  “He’s a good catch, [Y/N],” your mom states.  You smile, “Yeah, he is.”  “Nice guy, and your dad really seems to like him - that almost never happens!” she exclaims happily.  “Believe me, I know,” you say with a laugh thinking back to all your old high school boyfriends that your dad had disliked for one reason or another.  You smile fondly, happy that your parents both seem to like your new boyfriend and that he seems to like them in return.

NIALL: Niall is a huge hit with your little cousin when you and he join your family for a weekend gataway at the beach.  Your parents, aunt, and uncle sit up in the sand reading, chatting, and sunning, while you and Niall enjoy yourselves by the water’s edge, playing and splashing with your seven year old cousin.  She’s eating up the attention and can’t get enough of Niall.  The older adults watch you from their perch in the sand.  “He’s a sweet guy,” your aunt comments.  You mother nods in agreement, adding, “He seems so good for her too.  They look very happy together.”  “Yeah, but if he screws up, he’s gonna have me and Frankie to deal with, ain’t that right?” your father pipes up.  Your uncle nods, “Definitely.  If he hurts my niece, he’s going down.”  Your aunt and mother laugh at their husbands’ antics, continuing to watch you and Niall interact with your cousin.

HARRY:  You and Harry had recently moved into a house together.  After spending the last few weeks unpacking and decorating, you’re finally able to kick back and fully enjoy your new place.  “We need to christen it,” Harry tells you.  “What do you mean?” you ask him.  “Well, you know how every time you spill something on a new carpet or chair cushion or blouse you say you’ve ‘christened’ it?  We need to do that to the house.”  “What did you have in mind?” you press, raising an eyebrow at him.  He answers your query by leaning in to kiss you, starting a pretty heated make-out session.  You’re too involved in the heat of the moment to hear the door open and your parents walk into the house.  “[Y/N]!” you mother shrieks at the sight of Harry’s hand in your back jeans pocket, resting tightly against your butt.  You and Harry quickly disentangle yourselves from each other.  “Mom!  Dad!  What are you guys doing here??” you ask, very surprised by their presence, as they live several hours away and you hadn’t seen them in months, so it’s not typical for them to just randomly drop by.  “We wanted to surprise you to see your new house and finally meet Harry…” your mom explains, still in shock of the sight.  “We’ll knock next time,” your dad adds awkwardly.

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