44. He Asks Your Father Permission To Marry You

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ZAYN: You’re out shopping with your mom and sister for your cousin’s upcoming birthday party. Knowing you’d be out of the house, he takes this opportunity to pay a visit to your dad. “Oh, Zayn, you just missed her,” your dad tells him when he answers the door. “Actually, sir, I’m here to see you,” Zayn tells him hesitantly. “Oh, alright then. Come on in.” Zayn’s nerves suddenly take control and nearly choke him as he takes a seat on the sofa opposite your dad’s favorite recliner. “What’s on your mind, son?” “I, uh, I have something I want to talk to you about. It’s important,” he starts off weakly. Your dad patiently awaits his explanation. “[Y/N] and I have been together for a long time now and I love her more than anything,” “Oh, here we go…” your father mumbles, but Zayn goes on. “There is no doubt in my mind that I want to spend the rest of my life with her, protecting her and taking care of her and providing everything that she deserves.” “And you want my blessing, is that it? Is that what you’re here for?” your dad interrogates. Zayn tries to swallow the lump of cotton growing in his throat as he lamely nods his head. Your dad leans forward, perching his elbows on his knees. He sighs loudly before saying, “Look, Zayn. Let me level with you here. You are a great kid and you make my daughter immensely happy - there’s no doubt about that. But are you really marriage material? I mean, I look at you covered in all those tattoos and can’t help but think you’re never going to grow up and you’ll always be this rebellious teenage boy…” Zayn is stricken by these words, but presses on. “Sir, with all due respect, wasn’t it you who once told me to never judge a book by it’s cover?” Your dad stares blankly at your boyfriend, and for a moment Zayn thinks he’s completely blown his chances. “Are you throwing a piece of my own advice back in my face?” “I think that’s putting it a little harshly, I just-” “Because you’re damn right. I am judging you by your appearance and not by the good merit I know you have.” Surprised by this unexpected reaction, Zayn can only manage to say, “What?” “Let’s be honest here - you aren’t exactly the type I pictured my little girl settling down with. Hell, you’re the boyfriend I always saw in my nightmares. When she first brought you home, I had half a mind to bring you out with yesterday’s trash. But you’ve proven yourself worthy of my little girl time and time again. Welcome to the family, Zayn,” he finishes, rising to shake on it. Zayn accepts his hand. “Thank you, sir. I promise I won’t ever give you a reason to regret this.” “You better not,” he warns, but the threat of the warning is lost on his warm smile.

LIAM: Liam had conspired with your best friend, making sure she got you out of the house for one reason or another so he could pay a visit to your parents. “Cookie?” your mom offers as he comes into the house and takes a seat at the kitchen table. “No, thank you,” he politely declines with a smile. “At least let me get you a glass of apple juice then; I know how much you love it,” she insists, already starting to pour him a cupful. He chuckles a bit, accepting the glass and placing it down on the table in front of him. “What can we do for ya?” your dad finally asks. “Well, I’ve come here because I’d like to ask permission for your daughter’s hand in marriage,” he asks so formally that your mother nearly melts in her seat. “Are you sure about this?” your dad questions. “More sure than I’ve ever felt about anything in my entire life.” Your father shoots your mother a look that Liam can’t decipher. Your mother smiles gleefully as your father says, “We were beginning to think you’d never ask her! Of course you have our blessing.” Liam lets out the nervous breath he’d been holding. Your mom rises to embrace him in a hug. “You’re good for her,” she tells him as she pulls away. “And you’ve always been like a son to us; it’s about time it became official!” Liam smiles, glad to be so graciously accepted into your family. “Just don’t give me any reason to kill you,” your dad threatens. “I won’t, I promise,” Liam assures. “Oh, ignore him. Have you put any thought into when you might propose?” your mom presses, getting overly excited about being able to help you plan your wedding. Liam laughs lightly. “Honestly, no. I was far too concerned with making sure I got your approval first.” Your dad let’s out a rumbly laugh at this. “Good man - keeps his priorities straight.”

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