69. You're Their Make UP Artist And He Has A Crush on you

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Harry: “Harry! Keep your head up, I have to put the face powder on you,” You playfully tap him with the end of the make-up brush. “But, I’m sleepy and it’s cold and it’s winter,” he groans, shaking his curly hair and sitting up straight. You brush face powder onto his nose, and you notice him messing with his phone. Later that day, you see a picture of you really close up with the caption “Gorgeous girl doing my makeup…stagram?”

Niall: “Niall! You can’t eat pizza while I do your make-up, babe,” you frown at the grease on his cheek from the pizza. “But I need food,” he pouts, proceeding to take another bite of the pizza. “What if I let you have a bite?” You raise an eyebrow, Niall does not share food. “I thought Niall Horan doesn’t share food,” he shrugs his bare shoulders. “Only for you, (Y/N).”

Liam: “ACHOOO!” he lets out the cutest little sneeze you have probably ever heard from the face powder you had put on his face a few seconds ago. Unfortunately, this sneeze was right on your arm. “Liam! God bless you!,” you playfully tap his shoulder, wiping off your arm with a tissue. “Oh, I’m so sorry (Y/N)! You know that stuff makes me sneeze,” he looks sad to have upset you, when you suddenly sneeze, too. Damn face powder. You start to laugh at the irony and he joins in on your laughter and then comments on what a cute sneeze you have.

Louis: “Here’s the deal, love. Since you did my make-up, can I do yours?” Louis takes a brush from the table and starts rubbing it on your cheek. “Lou, there’s no make-up on that brush,” you reply. He continues grabbing clean brushes and just tapping them on your face gently. “Exactly, you already look perfect, you don’t need make-up,” he smiles, his blue eyes crinkling.

Zayn: You’ve just about finished fixing Zayn’s left eyebrow with an eyebrow pencil (the boys had shaved half of it off while he was sleeping. Classic.) when you notice Zayn making pout-y duck faces in the mirror. “Zayn!” You roll your eyes, and then see he’s grabbed an eyeliner from your make up kit. He takes your hand and writes his phone number on your palm, winking.

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