1. The First Time You Meet

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LIAM: You are at a party and things are getting kind of crazy.  You’ve never been a huge fan of big, wild parties, but you had let your friends talk you into going.  You hang by a quiet corner of the room, sipping on water and just taking in all the commotion when you see him.  A cute guy is not too far away from you and you notice him looking in your direction.  He seems to be the only other person in the room who’s not completely drunk out of their mind.  He begins walking towards you, smiling and never breaking eye contact.  “Hi, I’m Liam,” he introduces himself.  “[Y/N]” you say.  “I couldn’t help but notice that you are actually able to stand without looking like you’re about to fall,” he says with a laugh.  “Yeah, I’m not much of a drinker.  I have one or two and then call it a night.”  He smiles and you two strike up a conversation that lasts you the rest of the night.

HARRY: You are walking your dog in the park on a crisp fall morning.  You are enjoying the chill in the air, and taking in all the sounds of crunching leaves and chirping birds as you walk the paths.  You are so enveloped in your own little world that you barely hear someone say, “I prefer cats, myself.”  You stop walking and whip your head around to find the source of the comment.  You see a guy with amazingly beautiful curly hair and magnificent dimples sitting on a bench, looking in your direction.  “I’m sorry, I don’t really understand what you mean…” you say, not really sure what to make of his comment.  “I don’t really know either,” he admits, “I was just trying to think of something to say to you before you walked by, and that was the best I could come up with.  I’m Harry, by the way.”  You smile, suppressing a laugh, and introduce yourself to him.  Flattered by the fact that he wanted to talk to you so badly, you invite him along on your walk where you spend the next couple of hours chatting and getting to know one another.

NIALL: You’re in the grocery store, debating over which brand of cookie to get.  After standing there deliberating over your options for what seems like decades, you hear a voice come from behind you.  “These here are the best,” the voice says as an arm reaches around you to pull the cookie in question off the shelf.  “Yeah?” you ask, turning around to face the person.  Your eyes land on an adorable blond guy with the cutest smile.  Not to mention his Irish accent that immediately has you intrigued.  “Trust me, best kind there is.  And I’m quite the expert, if I do say so myself.”  He gives you a little wink and you’re hooked.  “I’m [Y/N],” you introduce, holding your hand out to shake his.  You two finish the rest of your shopping together, chatting back and forth about the pros and cons of various brands.  By the time you get to the registers, you’ve exchanged numbers and agreed that one of these days you’ll have to get together to eat all the foods you’d been talking about.

ZAYN: You and your girlfriends are in the club, letting loose and enjoying your girl’s night out.  Men are the furthest things from any of your minds for the night.  Until you spot the insanely attractive guy standing around the outskirts of the throng of people on the dance floor.  He seems reserved, swaying only slightly to the music that is bumping out of the speakers.  You shimmy your way over to him, determined to get him to loosen up.  You grab his wrist and pull him further onto the dance floor, despite his attempts to resist.  You pull him in close to you, surprising even yourself with your boldness.  If it hadn’t have been for the liquid courage, you probably never would have been gutsy enough to do this.  Before long he loosens up and you two spend the rest of the night dancing together.  On your way out, you slip him a napkin with your name and number written on it with the hopes of him calling or texting you sometime soon.

LOUIS: As you’re getting into the elevator in your apartment building, you lose your footing and trip.  A guy on the elevator grabs your arm to keep you from falling.  “I see you’re falling hard for me,” he says with a cheeky grin.  You chuckle a bit and play along, “Oh yeah, so hard.”  “Well, I can’t say I really blame you,” he boasts, flashing you the most wonderful smile you’ve ever seen.  “The name’s Louis,” he states, offering you his hand for a shake.  “Nice to meet you, Louis.  I’m [Y/N].”  You make casual small-talk as the elevator descends to the main floor and then part ways.  But you have a very strong feeling that that won’t be the last time you see Louis.

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