129.BMS He Makes You Feel Insecure

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Age range 15-18

Louis: (age 16) You might have been a Tomlinson, but that department did not bless you in the teeth area. Out of all of your sisters, you had the wonkiest teeth, and you were very insecure about it, even if you were wearing braces. Your day today was just plain awful and to top on to it, Louis was in a bad mood. “Lou, can you ask mum to call the dentist please? I think I might’ve missed my appointment.” You smiled, trying to be as happy as you could. After all, if you say it with a smile it always helps. At least you thought. “Not now, (Y/N), Im busy.” He complained, not doing utterly nothing, simply scrolling through his tweets as smiling every now and then. “But Lou this is imp-” Louis cut you off before you could finish. “Just go ask her yourself! No one cares that you’ve horrible wonky teeth anyway!” He gushed, red in the face. You whimpered a bit, and stormed off, crying. And it was then that Lou realised what he said, and couldn’t help but feel guilty.

Harry:(age 15) You always thought you weren’t very… Skinny? That’s what all the girls said anyway. Bullying was a very common issue for you at school, and being Harry Styles’ sister didn’t help every so often. You hadn’t had breakfast and skipped lunch, but now you were ultimately hungry, and nothing was going to stop you from eating. You now sat on the couch, food of every sorts surrounding you as Pretty Little Liars played in the background of your lovely feast. “Woah there (Y/N)! Might wanna breathe a little!” Harry joked. “Hmmm?” You asked, looking up from your now empty ice cream pot. “No wonder the girls at school call you fat. Look at you!” He muttered thinking you might not hear. But oh boy, did you hear! “You know what? Screw you. Because I get bullied every bloody day saying that I’m fat! I skipped breakfast and lunch, and to be honest, I THINK IT’S FINE TO EAT, NOT TO STARVE YOURSELF!” You yelled. You hadn’t even realised you were crying, before you hastily wiped away a lone tear and ran to your room.

Niall: (age 17) You didn’t exactly have perfect eyes, so most of the time you wore contacts so you didn’t have to wear glasses in public. Everyone, and I mean everyone, knew that you were insecure about your glasses, so no one bugged you about it. Until today. You had to do homework and your contacts were hugging you, your eyes were red and itchy, so you had decided to wear you glasses. In the middle of some unlikely equation you would never use in the future, Niall walked in. “Hello four-eyes!” He laughed, noticing you wearing your glasses. You rolled your eyes. “You’re so annoying Niall. Just go I’m trying to do my homework, I’ve had enough people pick on me about my glasses!” “So just put your contacts in then.” He huffed, and you mentally face palmed. “Niall, it’s not easy wearing contacts all the time. They hurt.” You moaned, already starting to itch your eye. “Suck it in, and don’t start complaining when everyone calls you the bloody geek because you wear glasses!” He stormed, angrily. Bad days for Niall=Bad days for everyone. “I HATE YOU TOO!” You yelled before you shut the door and locked it, leaving you to cry yourself into a deep needed nap.

Liam: (age 15) You weren’t stupid, but you weren’t smart. To say enough you were an average grade student. But people had other thoughts, when they say you leave school with a paper reading ‘D’ on it, they automatically began to tease you and call you stupid. You had learned to ignore it, even if carried on. Today you had been set extra hard homework, and you were having difficulties. “Li? Can you get in here please?” You called for your brother, in hopes he would be able to help you. He came in happily and nodded when he came in to your room. “What’s the matter love?” He smiled, “Well this homework is extra hard and I was wondering of you could help please?” You smiled, he obliged and helped you but you didn’t get it still. “So do you understand?” He chirped. “Erm- sort of?” You whispered scanning through the homework again. “God your so stupid!” He frustratingly huffed, making your eyes widen. “Get out Liam.” You whimpered, pointing towards the door. “I’m sorry, I-” “DONT BE SORRY LIAM. BECAUSE ME AND MUM FOUND OUT THAT I WAS DYSLEXIC AND YOURE CALLING ME STUPID. WELL DONE!” You gushed, crying yet again. You shook your head before heading into the bathroom, falling asleep on the bathroom floor.

Zayn: (age 16) You always thought you were very overweight. To put it in everyone’s point of view, you weren’t. But you had been eating a lot lately and you were on your period. So you were really grumpy. You were sat wrapped in your blankets, trying to not cry (and failing), and eating every possible thing in the cupboards when your brother walked in. “Hey fattie, what’re you eating now?” Zayn joked. You stared at him intensely, trying to take it in. “Excuse me?” You questioned. “You heard me, what’re you eating?” “No Zayn, what was the first part?” You angrily huffed. Oooooh boy, was Mother Nature taking its toll on you. “Hey fattie…” He mumbled, knowing wha he’d said wrong. “Oh shit…” He facepalmed. “SCREW YOU ZAYN! YOU KNOW HOW YOU HATE THE SIZE I AM AND YOU JUDGE ME! AND YOU KNOW WHAT? I WISH YOU WERE A GIRL!” You yelled throwing your food at him, and running off, very pissed

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