86. You Cuddle With Someone Else And Make Him Jealous

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Harry: You, Harry, and Ed Sheeran were hanging out in your flat, trying to keep warm while your heating system was being fixed. "Hey, Haz, can we share the blanket? I'm freezing," you pleaded. But Harry only pulled the blanket around himself tighter, shaking his head. "No, it's mine!" he whined like a child. You rolled your eyes and were about to find yourself a jacket, when you heard Ed's voice, "C'mere, love, I'll keep ya warm." You smiled and eagerly snuggled into his side, mumbling a soft 'thanks'. Suddenly, Harry's eyes filled with jealousy as he stared at the two of you. "Fine, I'll share!" he said. Ed just chuckled as you crawled back over to Harry. "Afraid she might fall for my ginger charm?" he asked jokingly. Your boyfriend blushed in response, and you couldn't help but laugh.

Liam: "Dammit, I'm freezing my dick off!" Niall shouted. Liam glared at him, as if to scold him for swearing. Then he continued to fumble with the keys to your flat, making Niall even more impatient. "I need a jacket. I need a blanket. I need some body heat," he muttered to himself. You knew Liam was pretty slow with these kinds of things, so you decided to shut Niall up by keeping him warm. You pulled him into a big hug, wrapping your arms around his torso as you buried your face in his neck. "Better?" you mumbled against his skin. You felt his arms snake around your waist. "Even better than a blanket," Niall replied, and you could sense the smirk that was starting to creep onto his lips. "Can't you wait a minute before you start cuddling right in front of me?!" Liam protested. Let's just say he wasted no time in getting the two of you inside and away from each other.

Louis: You and Niall stopped dead in your tracks when you walked into your flat. The boys were piled into a big 'group cuddle' on your couch, and to be honest, you didn't even remember letting them into your flat in the first place. "Erm, what are you doing here?" you asked, walking over to them cautiously. "The door was open, and we needed a place to cuddle," Liam answered. "Wanna join?" Zayn added with a wink. You laughed as you collapsed on the couch, allowing the rest of the boys to attack you with hugs and cuddles. Suddenly, you heard someone clear their throat behind you. "If anyone touches my girlfriend where they're not supposed to, I'll kill them," he warned. Zayn just rolled his eyes and grabbed Louis' arm, pulling him into the cuddle session without saying another word.

Niall: You were chatting with your ex at a party, trying to steer the conversation away from any awkward topics. You scanned the room to see if you could spot Niall, but luckily, he was off somewhere else. "Are you cold, babe?" your ex asked. "Er, yeah, a little bit," you responded with a nervous smile. You knew what was coming next. "Then come here, and I'll warm you up," he suggested. Despite your worries, you reluctantly scooted closer to him and let him pull you into his arms. "Can your boyfriend do this?" he joked. Before you could answer, Niall interrupted the conversation. "Yes, he can. Now fuck off, mate," he said angrily. Your ex didn't need to hear another word--he was out of sight in a matter of seconds. Niall plopped down next to you, his eyes still burning with jealousy and anger. "I'm a better cuddler, right?" he asked. You giggled, "Of course, Nialler."

Zayn: You dropped your suitcases as soon as you stumbled into the hotel room, exhausted from a long flight. Unfortunately, Harry was forced to sleep with you and Zayn because there were no more rooms available. Before you could stop him, he raced over to the bed and dove under the covers. "Hey, that's our bed, Harry!" you protested. But, as usual, Harry completely ignored you, so you had to crawl under the sheets to get him out. "I didn't expect to see you here," he joked. "Get out," you ordered. "No, I need a cuddle buddy!" Just then, the covers were ripped off, revealing you and Harry in a bit of an awkward position. Zayn stood there, glaring at the two of you. "Cuddle buddies, huh?" he questioned. "It wasn't like that, I swear. Harry's just being a dick," you replied, gesturing toward the dimpled boy beside you. "Excuse me, but--" Harry started, but Zayn cut him off. "I love you, mate, but if I catch you in bed with my girlfriend again, I'm going to have to rip your balls off, okay?"

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